The Paramedics of Panem

We weren’t quite sure what to write about today, but thankfully (sort of) inspiration struck from an unlikely place!

The culprit

While at a local fair, a friend coaxed my fiance into trying chicharrones– aka fried pork skin. Apparently this stuff is of the hard, sharp variety and minutes later, a piece got stuck so far into his gum that a large portion of the evening was spent trying to rip it out.

After the Castaway scenario in which Tom Hanks slices out his own tooth with an ice skate, my mind went back to The Hunger Games, naturally! If dried out animal skin causes this much of a ruckus in the modern day, how the sweet hell did people survive in the districts?!

Let’s start by saying that if I lived in any of the districts, I would likely be dead (appendicitis at the age of 14) or at least a bit crooked (moderate scoliosis treated by a year in a back brace starting at age 12). Then there are the relatively little things we deal with: cold, flu, indigestion, and other I’m-going-to-weep-if-I-don’t-feel-better-soon conditions that hit us all every once in a while.

Paula Malcomson Mrs Everdeen The Hunger Games movie

She can’t do it all alone!

Mrs. Everdeen is good, but not that good. She knows medicine. She’s a talented holistic healer, but she’s not a surgeon. And she’s responsible for the health of a lot of people, meaning if they experience any serious internal damage… well… that’s that. The above used “weepy” conditions can probably be curbed, but only if the right resources are readily available and even then, you’re never guaranteed the comfort level we’ve come to expect.

There’s evidence that the merchant class had better medicine available, but they can’t call and get a hovercraft ride to The Capitol when they need to be rushed to a hospital. It’s safe to say that even the richest district citizens of Panem are hardy, stronger people that we are, but sheer willpower isn’t going to do anything for your ready-to- burst appendix.

Of course there are plenty of places in the modern world where this really is the case, so perhaps Panem isn’t as foreign a concept as it seems. In another country, maybe a really tough piece of pork can be a serious issue.

“This is why I don’t eat pork,” says the person who totally missed the point,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Very interesting! I agree that the lack of medical care likely contributed to the District citizens low age expectancy as well. I’d like to add that in many of the Districts, obstetric care was likely in short supply as well, and while I’m sure Mrs. Everdeen has delivered her share of babies, I doubt that she could perform a C-section anymore than she could an appendectomy. If childbirth was a life or death situation, much like it was in the old days, this might be another reason Katniss would be so averse to marriage and baby-making.

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