No News Is Fake News

The news in the past week or so has been a bit… lacking. What’s Hunger Games blog supposed to comment on during a news drought? Then we thought, “Hey! Let’s just make up our own news.” Check out these not-so-real headlines:

1) Jack Quaid spotted on set, spoils Marvel’s surprise triumphant return to the series!

2) Elizabeth Banks locks self in trailer during tantrum, holds hundreds of wigs hostage.

3) Tennessee the cat demands pay raise: “Buttercup is much more central to the plot than Katniss. Show me the money.”

That Tennessee*, what a diva!

4) Exercise and training regimen revealed! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire stars play Wii Tennis… and that’s it.

5) Francis Lawrence takes Catching Fire in a different direction. Says Lawrence, “I really want to see how Katniss does in space.”

6) The mystery of the red-headed woman solved! Ginny Weasley to play large part in next installment of The Hunger Games.

7) New President Snow scene to be added: the march of the Snow-men

If any of this gets reported as fact, I am done

*Not really Tennessee



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