The Twitter Shakedown

I’m a huge Hunger Games fan! I’ve seen the movie like… six times! And I have tons of THG posters in my room! Clearly, I matter MORE than the millions of other fans! Of course I expect acknowledgement!

Good thing I have a Twitter account! And it’s totally cool if I annoy the hell out of the actors until I get recognition, right? RIGHT?!***

I’ll start off simple…

I love Hunger Games! You are sooooo amazing! RT?

RT for (country of origin)? Because I represent that whole damn place, you know!

You know with would make my day better? An RT from @SomeRandomTHGActor!

See what you’ve done?!

Then I’ll pull out the BIG compliments…

I have even seen you in stuff that isn’t The Hunger Games, so I’m a special fan! Reply or RT plzzzz!

U R SO HOT AND SEXY! I stare at your poster before I fall asleep every night! I need your attention desperately!

I watched your movies all the times and go to your promotional events plus every other place you mention! LOVE ME!

Then I will proceed into full-on stalker mode

If I don’t get an RT from @SomeRandomTHGActor, I am gonna threaten to do something to myself, because that’s not a terribly controversial thing to say!

I think you’re soooo gorgeous that I’m going to make sexual advances toward you even though you’re clearly taken, then get mad when you don’t respond to it!


But this is all okay, right? As a fan, I think it’s totally within my limits to harass, guilt, and otherwise inappropriately address a stranger to satisfy my own obnoxious need for attention!

Forget casual questions or responses to an actor, in which I’ll accept it if they don’t have the time or interest to reply! What has that ever gotten anyone besides a pleasant, casual fan-actor dialect in which fans are NOT perceived as psychopaths? Who needs that?!

***There’s a point to all this nonsense. DON’T BE THAT PERSON.

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Thank you for this post!! I think people forget that these actors/actresses are human beings. They deserve to be respected as such.

    This is definitely a problem I’ve seen in other fandoms as well. And you are right…these types of tweets are self-serving and obnoxious…so STOP IT! I especially hate the “RT for all your fans in [insert country here]!” It’s such a pet peeve of mine. Some of the RT I’ve seen on my timeline are downright harassment.

    It may be coincidence but I’ve noticed several people have not been tweeting as much. We want to hear from our beloved cast! So please, don’t beg for attention. Just think….how would you want to be treated if you were in their position?

  2. I totally agree! It is annoying as hell to login on twitter and see all those tweets to celebrities (that are on the hunger games). The worst thing is that the people who tweet that don´t know how stupid they look because celebrities know that they are crazy.
    I am a big fan of the hunger games and I don´t do that because I respect the cast and the other fans.

  3. I don’t use Twitter, but fans who act like this unfortunately give ALL fans a bad name. How about the two girls who literally showed up at Josh Hutcherson’s doorstep? And if the rebuttal is that “these celebrities wouldn’t be the rich celebs they are WITHOUT the fans”; as if this justified everything; well, how does that make you any different from “fans” of Victors in the Hunger Games?

    1. what´s even worse…those two girls were not alone. their mom took them there, drove them to josh´s house all the way from michigan i believe. kids are kids after all…but unfortunately adults behave in a very immature way as well when it comes to celebrities. actors are people too!!! they deserve their privacy just like everybody else.

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