The… Wait, What?

After last weeks rampage of paparazzi shots of our fair cast, there’s been almost a complete and utter stoppage of all that. Okay, maybe there’s been some, but unlike your average monkey, I don’t click on every picture link that pops up in my in-box, or in my Twitter-feed. Yep, apparently I have self control, which frankly is an amazing thing to realize about yourself, right? The lull though, what does it mean? Yes, you should all picture a crazed lady holding her head saying “what does it all mean!” when you read that sentence, or you could just read over it with a completely innocuous ere, and move on with your lives. But, yes… what does it mean?

Like everyone else who’s overly involved in the process of these books being made into a

Who are you!?

films, I follow all the cast members who have Twitter accounts, and while they can’t say anything specific about production in their feeds, if you’re paying attention, things slip out that tell you kinda sorta what’s going down. The paparazzi shots last week, yep– those may not have been the beginning of filming for many of the people in the shots. Why do I say that? Because, seemingly half the cast are no longer in Atlanta, also a few have pared down on tweeting almost altogether, and it’s starting to look more and more like those precious digital markers of “OMG IT’S HAPPENING!“, were not people milling about between scenes, they’re looking more and more like people milling about, and shooting the shit between promo shots, and costume fittings. That in mind, the leads are definitely working their butts off, it’s the Tributes who are off elsewhere.

Meh, at least Bruno Gunn tweets photos of his dog, and Stephanie Schlund tweets photos of rainbows.

Them There Eyes



  1. Ok, so… This is strange. There’s no way they are done fiming with the tributes in Atlanta, right? Isn’t the grand party supposed to be filmed this coming week? Maybe they have a short break in filming?

    1. If I’m understanding the article correctly (and if I am, I agree!), most of the cast was never actually there for the purpose of major filming to begin with. They were there for promotional shoots, costume fittings, maybe one or two very minor shots.

      The Capitol party has been shooting and other Victory tour scenes will also be filming soon, judging by recent casting calls. Plus, the arena scenes won’t be filmed in Atlanta. It’s not that the Tributes are done, it’s that they haven’t really started yet!

    2. What she’s saying is that those set photos were likely taken during a period of costume fittings and publicity shots since many of the victors no longer appear to be in Atlanta. Which makes sense, since we heard that they’d be filming all the D12/PSH scenes first. Bruno Gunn is no longer in Atlanta, I think Sam Claflin may have flown back to London (just based on one of his mom’s tweets that I saw retweeted), etc. Since it appears that they still haven’t finished casting the rest of the victors (or are finalizing contracts, etc.) they probably won’t all start filming together for awhile. But who knows!

  2. The Grand party that “Hunger Games Bookclub” refers to above is in Chapter 6 of CF at Snow’s Mansion (aka Swan House). We don’t need the other tributes to shoot this sequence as they are not yet chosen. I am pretty sure it is the banquet as the casting office has called repeated for individuals who can dance (as in ballroom dancing) to be available for the very next week.
    It has been reported elsewhere that they are shooting all of the scenes involving Phillip Seymour Hoffman first as he has other commitments to get to. Therefore, since he does appear at the banquet (it is a key scene as it is the first meeting between him and Katniss, two individuals who will have a big role in MJ together) it makes sense that this is being shot so soon after production begins.
    It is possible that last week they were shooting some of the scenes that PSH and Jennifer are in near the very end of the movie (since they would not have to shoot those in Hawaii, they meet in a hover craft in the book and this could be at some rebel headquarters in the movie) this past week. Woody has recently been seen in Atlanta and he is in these scenes as well so it is possible that they shot these this last week.
    Jennifer indicated in a long interview while in Toronto for TIFF that she had actually shot at least one scene the week before getting to Toronto while she was in Atlanta but had no dialogue in the shot (she joked that she nailed it!!). These were almost certainly scenes at the training centre where the tributes are all together. There were many of these very short scenes in THG where we saw Jennifer and the other tributes but there was no dialogue. This would be a good way for the director to begin production to get everyone comfortable on set with each other. They would also need some of the tributes but not necessarily all of them.
    I was always a bit unclear looking at all of the pictures from the set one week back why everyone was in tribute uniforms (even Jennifer) EXCEPT Josh. We never saw him in the black uniform. I have no real explanation for this. Obviously at the very end of the movie, he gets separated from Jenn who ends up in the hover craft while he does not. Could they be shooting these scenes which involve PSH. Probably!

    1. This theory (other than Josh in the black uniform, as I myself saw shots of him in it) that they are shooting the PSH scenes first makes sense to me. Which also makes me wonder if the black outfits are meant to be training uniforms, instead of Arena outfits. I guess a lot of this is based on whether LG will choose, much as they did in THG, to keep the Arena scenes under wraps? Especially as the idea of previous Victors competing is supposedly meant to be a plot twist.

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