The Next Hunger Games

So it’s almost 6 months since The Hunger Games was released in theaters. My, how time flies! And already, media outlets and bloggers are already trying to predict “the next Hunger Games”.

They’re also being hailed as the next Bella and Edward. Yikes.

What they mean is that this movie or that movie based off a popular YA novel/series is going to be the next phenomenon to sweep everyone off their feet, break records and turn rising stars into A-listers.Will it be first installment from The Mortal Instruments which is filming now, or Beautiful Creatures which is coming out in February?

Remember how annoying it got when time and time again, The Hunger Games was being hailed as “the next Twilight”? Well it’s the other side of it now. The Hunger Games franchise isn’t even close to being done and already we’re looking for something else.

And that’s a lot of pressure for these movies that are coming out. The Hunger Games happening the way it did doesn’t exactly happen all the time. Trying to duplicate the success is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. There may be many YA-novel-to-movie movies, but there aren’t many that have captured the attention of such a wide range of people. Young and old alike went to see it (and genuinely liked it!). Critics were even into it. And it was a blockbuster, breaking all kinds of records. It’s one thing to speculate what the next big YA franchise will be. It’s another thing to expect the same kind of success from these film adaptations. We’re not saying it can’t happen. We’re just saying it’s a toughie to top.

Could-a, should-a, would-a

We can’t help looking back at the whole Golden Compass/His Dark Materials fiasco. Though there were many factors involved in its disappointing performance, there had been just as much potential to be the next big thing. We all know how that ended up going. So you can’t blame us for being cautious.

You’ve got to let the phenomena happen. We were even cautious when The Hunger Games was coming out, waiting until after the release to go, “Yeah, it’s a phenomenon.” Please don’t put that kind of pressure on other franchises. We know it’s what you’re hoping for, to claim the throne for the next big franchise, but be careful.

All we can say is that the next Hunger Games is Catching Fire



  1. They’re focusing on other things already, “I can’t afford to think like that” till I see Mockingjay part 2, and probably much after. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this series and the journey from reading the first book to seeing the very final movie, and there’s still a lot left for that!

  2. Agreed. II would hate (and probably will) to see the hulabaloo when Divergent and Matched have their movies.

    Everyone is “educated” but they say “OMG! ANOTHER YA SERIES! LETS CALL IT THE NEW PREVIOUS YA SERIES!”

  3. Going to state an extremely unpopular opinion here, but all of the YA books that are being turned into franchises that are said to be “the next Hunger Games”… well, I can’t stand any of them. And this was all before the comparisons to The Hunger Games began and before The Hunger Games made it big!

    Of course, this is all opinionated, and my opinion shouldn’t sway anyone else’s, but I just feel like all of the new book-turned-movies are just… lacking. I understand that there were some that felt the same towards The Hunger Games. Believe it or not, there were some people that didn’t have the same connection to THG as us loyal fans had. So in the grand scheme of things, like I said before, my opinion won’t change anything.

    But The Mortal Instruments (which I guess would be the franchise being deemed the most as the “next big thing”) is just something I don’t see the appeal for. I tried reading the first book two years ago. Couldn’t get into it. Hated the main character (Clary) and the main guy character (Jace) that everyone swoons over. It’s a shame because the story might have been semi-interesting if another author had handled it (that’s cold, I know, but the author did nothing in terms of realism and characters and if I’m being honest (which I am), her writing was lackluster).

    Now the “Beautiful Creatures”, in my opinion, might be a force to be reckoned with (but it won’t be the next Hunger Games… a better comparison would be the next Twilight). I read the first book three years ago and really enjoyed it. Were there some things I didn’t like? But overall, it was good. However, I read the sequel when it came out and it was terrible. I just felt it was completely useless and it read more like fanfiction than an actual novel. This is why I think this franchise will be weaker. If the first movie does well, then I don’t feel like the next couple of movies will be as successful. Just my opinion.

    And the last one– Divergent. I know there are PLENTY of supporters behind this one (and I know that writers at VV are big fans), but I just couldn’t connect with this book either. I really loved the first 50 pages– Tris was interesting, the plot was interesting–, but after she got to Divergent, I just felt like the plot just diminished.Tris became a Mary Sue and nothing like her old self, and quite frankly, she wasn’t the role model that I enjoyed within the first few chapters of the book. I personally finished reading the book with a bad taste in my mouth. I really wanted to like the book, but I just couldn’t. However, I feel like if there was a franchise that would “steal THG’s crown”, it would be this one. It has a big following already and I feel like, out of the three, it is the best suited for a movie.

    Please don’t feel like I am posting this just to “hate” because I’m not. I’m just expressing my opinion. I don’t think there will be a “next THG”. I don’t think there should be comparisons at all. Why can’t something just stand on its own for once? Appreciate it for the story, not for how successful it might be. Because if you spend time worrying about that, then you lose some of the essence of the story itself. Just my opinion.

    (P.S. People are seriously debating over “the next THG” when the second movie doesn’t even come out for another year?! Seriously?!)

    1. “… but after she got to Divergent, I just felt like the plot just diminished.”

      after she got to DAUNTLESS. My bad. Too many D’s!

    2. I completely agree with you on Divergent. I just couldn’t connect with Tris and I just lost interest in it very quickly. but I did think the plot was interesting and the factions were also kind of cool. And I could also see it as being “the next Hunger games” not the “beautiful creatures”, which to me looks like the next twilight.

    3. I have to agree with you on many of your points.

      I dumped The Mortal Instruments very quickly. Just could not get into it.

      I have read both Divergent and Insurgent–I rather liked much of Divergent, but Insurgent was a bit of a hot mess. My biggest problem with the series is the characters other than Tris and Four are so flat and generic that I forget who is who sometimes. Unlike THG, which has even minor characters who are very memorable.

      Hollywood tends to be dismissive of girl-centric anything because for a long time the belief was only boys go to movies in droves. They know nothing about YA so they use “the next” short-hand. It’s mostly ignorance, IMO.

  4. I’m a YA person, so I’ll probably go see a lot of the YA movies based on popular books. Hell, I’m already fangirling over set photos from TMI!

    But to say any of them will be the next Hunger Games is WAY TOO MUCH. They’re good books, fun with some touching moments in there, but it’s just not the same caliber. They’ll be big. Some might even hit that phenomenon levels eventually, but it would be more of the Twilight version of phenomena (if that makes sense!) However, you’re right in saying that they all have the potential to be the next Golden Compass. Even the director disavowed that movie (because the editing decisions were not his and Summit cut out any religious reference, aka 99% of the plot!)

  5. I’m so sick of the whole “the next ____” thing! I’m reading Beautiful Creatures right now and LOVING it but it’s nothing like THG.

  6. I can’t wait for beautiful creatures to come out but if they label it the next hunger games it will probably be ruined because everyone will expect it to be something it’s not. People will be like well I liked thg so I’ll like this but I don’t think bc has as bigger audience as thg does.

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