It’s the Hair that Makes It

When pictures of Sam Claflin from the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out, there was a bit of a wave of acceptance. Where many were hesitant to accept Sam as Finnick, we saw a lot of people changing their minds (there will always be some stubborn hold-outs).What changed? Well there was the slight body bronzing – if you’ve seen Pirates 4 you’d know he’s no stranger to that – but mostly it was the hair that changed people’s minds.

Let’s talk about color. Ever since we can remember in this fandom, there has been debate over what exactly is “bronze” hair. Is it red? Is it blond? Is it somewhere in between. And when we look at Sam’s Finnick hair, we get to nod and go, “Oh yeah, bronze.”

And the styling, which has been compared to both Edward Cullen and McDreamy on the HG Fireside Chat but for some reason we want to say Dragon Ball Z, takes him out of his Sam Claflin-ness and pushes him towards Finnick. We took one look at him was immediately reminded of some “classic” fan art versions of Finnick.

Like this fan art by Simplydelightfulx on DeviantArt

We’ve got to ask though. Why does hair matter so much? A good hairstylist in touch with fan opinions can change a fangirl or fanboy’s opinion at the drop of a hat. We’ve talked about fandom’s obsession with hair before (and before). Sometimes it feels like that’s all we do. But it’s just a fact that we can’t have fandom take our word for it that actors are going to be good for the part. They have to see it. So much of what, in a lot of fans’ minds, makes a good adaptation is whether or not what they pictured in their minds has translated on screen. And hair sometimes just makes the look.

When we say hair, we also mean of the chest variety



  1. I think Sam looks absolutely adorable with the new color. (can’t say the same about the fake tan, though) It brightens his face, and really highlights those cheekbones.

    I have friends who are fervently hoping he waxes his chest for CF. I think it would be a nice accessory for the fishing net. 😉

  2. I think the color works well. However, the chest hair has to go! Aren’t all tributes rid of their body hair prior to the games? Or is that exclusively for the female tributes?

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