Victor’s Village Graphics Contest!

If you are here and reading this despite our atrocious layout, BLESS YOU.

We’ve had this weird peachy, orange-y concoction going on since this site first opened. When The Girl With The Pearl originally asked a friend for the banner, she insisted that it include the Hot Topic Hunger Games poster with a weird burnt orange background… and everything went to hell from there. Either way, we are ready to move on!

We want a kickin’ design, so we looked into graphic designers and DEAR GOD WHAT KIND OF MONEY DO THESE PEOPLE THINK WE MAKE, WE WORK MENIAL JOBS AND RUN AN EDITORIAL FANSITE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! *cough* Yeah.. so.. we decided not to do that! Instead, we are turning to YOU! The super talented Hunger Games fans!

Here’s how it goes:

  1. We are going to give you our basic idea for an original Victor’s Village banner and icons
  2. Send your entries to by October 20th
  3. If we choose your banner for the site, you get a $25 cash prize and a link on our main page, assuming you have a website!

Interested? Click the Read More link for all the details!

Banner Specifications:

  • The background of the banner must be black!
  • The theme of the the banner will be CANARIES IN THE COAL MINE.
  • It must include the site name (don’t forget the apostrophe!) and the phrase “Canaries in the Coal Mine since 2011”.
  • Canaries too, realistic or cartoon-ish! Preferably three birds, since there are three writers.
  • Icons will be used for our social networks and should match the banner theme as best as possible without being a miniature banner cut into a square shape!
  • We ask that you don’t add any signatures to the banner. We promise to give you tons of credit elsewhere if we use yours!
  • Other than that, we’re giving you artistic license. Make it beautiful!

Other Important Rules and Notes:

  • We will only send the prize to the winner via Paypal. Therefore, you must. have. Paypal.
  • Remember the tone of the site when making your banner! The background may be black, but we are here to discuss things lightly and bring the funny, so a banner that goes all horror show on us won’t do!
  • This is really, really important to us. The images we pick will represent our site for a good, long while. Therefore, if none of the entries we receive match the standards that we’re looking for, we reserve the right not to choose a winner. In that case, we will still display all of the entries in a post as well as link back to the creators to give them major kudos (but we’re really hoping this won’t happen!)


  1. Hi I am really interested in doing this!
    When do you all want the images by? I am not seeing a date :unsure:

    But should be find. Hoping I can do something awesome for you guys 😀

    1. I’m assuming it’s because in District 12, they used canaries to tell if it was… unbreathable or whatever, and the canary would die, signaling… GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF THERE

      1. Exactly! Canaries work as a sort of alarm in the coal mines, the first indicator that something is out of place. Since we try our best to be both funny and honest about different fandom issues, we thought it was pretty fitting!

  2. Can you just give credit? I. Don’t. Have. Paypal.

    I seriously don’t need the money. Give it to a charitable place when I make the banner and WIN

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