Lessons from the First Week of Catching Fire

This has been quite a week for Hunger Games fans. Filming had barely started, we had just gotten used to the idea that Catching Fire would be filming, when BAM! photos from the set were already at our fingertips. So let’s reflect back on the lessons we’ve learned from this week.

1) Trust no one.

Ok, this lesson is very specific to me, in that NOT ONE PERSON, not my friends in or outside of fandom, let me know these existed. I’m still feeling the complete and utter sting of betrayal. Only several hours after the fact was I able to finally open my computer and just so happen to come across them.

Obviously, I need new friends.

2) White robes are both completely evil and strangely fashionable.

This feels like part of a photo shoot for a white robe catalogue

Though we were finally able to see what was under some of those robes, we were left guessing a lot of the time because of them. But after looking at them for some time, we kind of got to wanting them for ourselves. You’re lying if you didn’t look at those pictures and think, ‘Man, those robes look comfy.’

Work that robe, PSH.

3) Be careful about standing next to Finnick. You may become a meme.

Courtesy of Shylah from DWTC

Also here’s what Savanna New from HG Fireside Chat had to contribute.

4) Jeffrey Wright is doing his homework.

Beetee plays such an instrumental part in Mockingjay, so we’re glad he’s finding out what he’s gotten into. Or even better, he already knows and is just doing a refresher!

5) We’ve gotta start doing more lunges.

I mean look at these!

How does one get those thighs?

And this is just week one! We hope to learn more lessons in the coming months.

All I want to know is how do I get Meme Guy’s job



  1. Watch what you wish for!!

    So I came to the Hunger Games fandom well after the first movie was “in the can” but before its cinematic debut so I missed all of the excitement surrounding the actual shooting of THG. So while I knew the story when I went into the cinema, I had not yet seen Jenn/Josh or anyone else presented as their characters except for the pictures in the tabloids/weeklies and the trailers. I was therefore able to experience the unveiling of the “look” of the film for the first time while sitting in the darkened theatre, the way that Gary Ross likely wanted me to. The clothing that Katniss wears as she ascends the tube, the tribute uniforms worn while training (and shooting the apple) and the dresses/costumes Katniss wears during the interview and chariot entrance were all revealed to me during the movie, not before. I had time to feel excited about experiencing the movie and seeing how Ross was going to tell the story for the first time as I entered the cinema.

    So now the first week of shooting on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, sorry “The Idiom”, is behind us and it is clear that the production’s hope of keeping a lid on the look of the movie while it is being shot is clearly not going to happen. Already we have seen very close-up pictures of all of the major characters both in and out of “uniform”. Any “surprise” at the costumes that the tributes wear as they train or enter the arena (likely in those tubes again) is gone. While we all must have a mental image of the costumes, we can pretty much see what they will look like in the movie, right now, on the internet. Perhaps these are pictures that the production wants us to see. The photos are clearly being taken from above and in some cases you can see the actors looking at the camera. Perhaps there is a camera set up to take pictures, something I doubt. But wow what a torrent….

    After taking a look at the pictures of Jenn/Jenna (my favourite character) today/during the week I suddenly realized how torn I am about seeing these images. I closely follow all of the major characters and fan sites on twitter and have all of them linked to my RSS feed, so I should have been expecting to see these pictures as soon as they were out. However, I was astonished when these high quality shots of the actors became available so soon after production started. While I thought that we might get some low resolution shots of exteriors while they shoot inside (for houses that were standing in for locations during the victory tour for instance) I never imagined that we would be starring at close-ups of Jenna Malone and Jenn in their tribute uniforms. If this continues, it is going to be basically like watching the movie getting built frame by frame as we see pictures of the cast prepare for different shooting days. I doubt we will have this access to indoor shots, but you never know.

    So the principle outgrowth of this is a complete loss of any “reveal” next November when the finished product is complete. We will have seen all of the components of the movie and all we are just waiting to see is how Francis Lawrence edits the pieces together. I am wondering how others are feeling about this turn of events. Some on other sites have expressed substantial glee at seeing these pictures. If this keeps up, do others believe that it might just ruin some of the magic of waiting to see what the movie looks like? I feel a bit like a motorist who has just driven past a car crash. You know you are not supposed to slow down and look but most people do anyway……

    1. I read The Hunger Games January of 2011 so I witnessed all of the casting, all of the set pictures (although we didn’t have as many as this), all of the trailers and clips, right when they came out. I’m not ashamed to say that I saw every single news article, every single interview, every single picture, every single piece of footage that was available to me before the movie. I was afraid of the same thing that you are saying– I was worried that I had basically spoiled the entire movie for myself. However, when I left the midnight showing of the movie, I did not feel like I had already “seen the movie” beforehand. To sum it up, it just felt… refreshing? You may think you have seen a lot of the movie, but once you see the movie, you’ll notice that there were so many things that you HADN’T seen. I hadn’t felt spoiled at all. I think that as long as too much isn’t revealed in trailers and pictures like these (when I say that, I mean not more than the marketing for The Hunger Games), I think you’ll be fine.

      I do sometimes wonder what it would have been like if so much was shown during the trailers (like if the DVD trailer was used for the official trailer). Most of the time when you watch the trailer for a movie and then watch the movie, you feel like the movie WAS spoiled. But I think Lionsgate knows how to market the movie for fans and for those not familiar with the movie. Just enough to satisfy fans but to also hook newcomers. I’m hoping that they follow this same pattern for the next three movies.

      Although I am really curious as to how they’ll market CF with all of the big surprises. You don’t want to be misleading with what’s in the trailer and you want to intrigue your viewers, but you don’t want to spoil everything. This will be rather difficult as CF is full of surprises (my main issue is the Quarter Quell announcement). Sorry to get off-topic, but does anyone have any ideas as to how they might market the film?

      P.S. Loved this article VV! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. I am curious to know if this is part of their marketing plan.

    I’m in same boat as Michael in that I did not become a fan of THG until movie was almost out, so walked into theater with complete unveiling. However, since I am a fan this go around, CAN’T. STOP. LOOKING.

  3. That was hilarious!! But rather than think those robes look comfy, I thought they looked HOT! Not sure about Atlanta but its 100 deg in California! Also wondering how those pics were taken. We also know that pets are allowed on set and that the boys are being encouraged to use skin care products…acne anyone? Haha, thanks for the summary. It made my day complete!

  4. From a post on another fan site we now know why all of these pictures are appearing. It appears that the trailers are in a place where they can’t control all of the “site lines” from paparazzi. The trailers are set up outside the GWCC near the aquarium. According to that other fan site, there are vantage points where fans can see the trailers (which presumably means that they can take pictures of said trailers). So that means all we are likely going to get are these shots of the actors walking back and forth. This makes me feel so much better as this will “control” what we can see.

  5. I would like to apologize for being part of that betrayal! I may need to put the phone numbers for both you and Them There Eyes in my phone just in case I must text you both about a Hunger Games big news emergency!

    Also, I need a chorus of “I’m Sexy and I Know It” to go along with that swag photo of PSH.

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