What The Hunger Games Movie Could Have Been

Everyone has their complaints about The Hunger Games movie, most of them being silly grudges surrounding the fact that it isn’t an exact replica of the book.

Now Kevin Tancharoen, another director who was considered for The Hunger Games before Gary Ross got the job, has released his pitch for the film… and hopefully, we all now realize how much worse it could have been.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a pitch film is pretty much a fan vid made by directors. They splice together ideas and actors from films they would use for inspiration to create an original trailer for the series.

Here’s Kevin Tracharoen’s pitch for The Hunger Games:

Considering that directing Mortal Kombat is his claim to fame, it isn’t much of a surprise that he was basically looking to turn The Hunger Games into your stereotypical futuristic fight film!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

District 12 – There’s only a few shots of what Kevin envisioned for the district, but it involves SEEDY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. Because if you’re poor, that essentially makes to a creeper, especially if you trade at The Hob.

The Capitol – Dark and spooky fortress. These people are the pinnacle of power and class, but apparently they don’t believe in lights?

Capitol Citizens – Only in one shot of “Effie” do we see any color or signs of wealth. Other than that, it appears that The Capitol has been overrun by a highly organized prison gang.

“Can you believe that guy?!”

Tributes – Most of the clips feature adults, which isn’t surprising given the lack of “children killing children” movies, but no real signs of The Careers. Just a bunch of people hiding and crying on national television, which Katniss notes as a quick way to become an easy target.

Voiceover – The ultimate “telling the story with good acting and solid direction” copout!

Appealing to Young Adults – Apparently, if you include clips from Harry Potter and Twilight that really don’t have any place in the storyline, every young person in the world will love it?

Casting – Kevin said these were just his basic ideas, but besides that amazing moment when we said “OMG HE HAD AMANDLA STENBERG FOR RUE TOO!”, the rest was all fan service, fan service, fan service. Seriously, dude? ZAC EFRON? You can fancast any young actor in the world! At least pick someone who can act!

So next time you want to complain about Gary Ross and his vision of The Hunger Games, kiddos… Remember: It could have been WAY WORSE.

He Even Used The “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” From Gladiator…
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. You have to remember that Kevin Tracharoen didn’t direct any of the Mortal Kombat movies from the early 90’s. He directed the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film ( http://lordk.at/9- ) and the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Web Series for Warner Bros. ( http://lordk.at/a0+ ). To me they are fantastic and better than both early 90’s MK movies. He is directing a Mortal Kombat movie now for New Line but that was after he lost the Hunger Games Job.

    Now as for his pitch. Its seems interesting. Christoph Waltz as President Snow could have either been really good, I gasped when he chose Rue perfectly, and laughed when he chose Efron for Peeta. I do agree that his vision was not what the film needed and its why he got past over.

  2. Me watching the video:
    Me: Did she just say pEnam?! NO!
    Me: Do they even have lights in the capitol?! I think not!
    Me: They are so DARK in the capitol…
    Me: What were they thinking?! “I bet by adding Harry Potter and Twilight scenes all teens will LOVE the movie!”
    Me: Haymitch? Uh, no!
    Me: Cinna?! DEFINITLY NOT!
    Me: Effie? What have you done?
    Me: Zack Effron as Peeta. Can’t they at least pick someone who can act!! No.
    Me: Wait wait wait WAIT! THAT is Katniss. No, Just no.
    Me at the end: No. Thank the GODS that is not the real movie!

  3. This article is rude and just plain childish. Tachoreon has already stated that, as a fan of the books, he enjoyed Gary’s version, and expressed how cool it is that there can be different ideas born from one source material. So what if he had a different vision? It wasn’t used for the actual movie, so why should we care?

    To argue with those that didn’t enjoy THG (a valid opinion by the way) that it could have been much worse is stupidly ineffective. Why not point out the things that make the movie good? The positive approach of persuasion is nearly always more effective. But I guess it’s just easier to find someone to play the scape-goat. Someone who happens to be a fan, the same as you, and the same as Gary Ross.

    Anyway, this website has seriously gone downhill in terms of article quality since a year ago, with this article sounding like it was reposted directly from US Weekly.

    A slow news day doesn’t give you the right to be rude. Or lazy.

    1. Actually, as the person who owns this site which focuses on our personal opinions, I have the right to say whatever I want. We’ve poked at everyone involved with the film, the fans, the media, plus some. We’ve also spent plenty of time discussing the things we like about them. I’m not going to stop doing so just because you don’t agree.

      We’re not saying he’s a bad fan or a bad person. But his vision for the film was silly and we have no reservations about pointing that out. If you believe the opposite, you have every right to write in a guest post refuting it.

      1. I never said it wasn’t your right. As you said, we both get to have our own opinions. Mine is that the post is in poor taste. I also never asked you to “stop doing so”, because, once again, that is not within my rights.

        What really bothers me is that with snide remarks about a previous film he directed, and a picture of the director himself, it starts to feel like a critique of the person, not his work.

        Anyway, it’s completely possible I could just be totally misinterpreting the tone of the article. This is just how it struck me.

        I respect your right to speak your mind, and post whatever you want.

      2. We were simply stating that Mortal Kombat WAS a stereotypical action film with no real depth and his pitch for The Hunger Games looks like that same vision.

        As for the photo, adding in a picture of the person we’re discussing / poking fun at has being common since day one. I make fun of myself as well and yes, I’ve even put up ridiculous pictures of me!

  4. So basically he envisioned a tacky, cliche-ridden, B-movie…

    Man, I’m so glad that Lionsgate didn’t go down that path. I’m so grateful for Gary Ross and his thoughtful and sensitive direction.

    1. Exactly! I think Kevin is the right type of director for a solid action movie, The Hunger Games is more than that. If you watch the DVD special features, they touch upon other director options that wanted to turn the film into an action movie and how that just didn’t do the story justice. Now that we have an example of that, we agree.

  5. Interestingly, while the overall response on other THG sites have been fairly negative, I did come across some comments by people who stated they preferred this take on the film, as darker and more interesting. I think, though, that this vision of THG is fairly stereotypical post-apocalypse sci-fi material, and also, really seems to be something that’s too “out there” to ever really happen.

    Whereas the movie we actually got, despite its flaws, shows a world that actually IS believable, as something that COULD be in our future if some trends in real life society get followed through to their logical conclusion.

    Suffice it to say, I can’t imagine Donald Sutherland ever signing on for the version of THG we see in this clip.

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