Goodbye Hunger Games, Hello New Projects


Leven Rambin in Chasing Mavericks

At the movies last Saturday, I was waiting for Premium Rush to start when the preview for a surfing movie came on. And then all of a sudden Leven Rambin was on the screen (obviously I involuntarily squealed and went “Aw Leven!”). It was a preview for her new movie Chasing Mavericks. It was strange because it was the first time, post Hunger Games movie hoopla, that I’d seen one of the “fallen” THG actors in a different project.

This was different from seeing, say, Jennifer’s House at the End of the Street trailer, or Josh’s Red Dawn trailer, which actually happened to play before Premium Rush as well. This is different because, as we all know, Glimmer had died at the hands of some tracker jackers, so Leven won’t be continuing on in the other Hunger Games movies. Same goes for all the other tributes we hold near and dear to our hearts.


Foxface may have eaten nightlock but Jackie plans on doing films AND studying at Stanford post-HG.

Leven had done many projects before filming The Hunger Games so it’s not surprising in the slightest that she’s got quite a few projects coming up, with increasing visibility for her. Then there’s Jack Quaid, who, while not exactly new to the Hollywood game, has The Hunger Games as his first role. He’s got a small film opening in October in New York and Los Angeles called Just 45 Minutes From Broadway, which I might just try to find a way to go see when the time comes. And our dear Isabelle Fuhrman is co-starring in a movie with the Fresh Prince himself (not to be confused with the Thresh Prince), Will Smith.

For the other tributes, some of them have projects, big and small, but for most of us reading this, they will first and foremost be their Hunger Games characters to us. It’s hard for some of us to even think that they won’t continue on to the three other Hunger Games movies, but we knew their characters had to die. We can still support them and their future projects!

With Russell Crowe


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  1. Remember, Leven Rambin will also be in the upcoming Percy Jackson movie in which she plays Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares. I guess that role does have some similarities with her THG role, since Clarisse (at least at first) is portrayed as a bit of a bully, and as daughter of the war god Ares, she is supposed to have more training and ability to fight than the children of other gods.

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