And the Weeks Stretch On

I’ve said previously that we’d likely be in for dry-spells regarding casting news, but did I ever expect that I’d wake up every weekday for the last two weeks since Mr. Claflin was cast, expecting to get casting news on the remaining, and now the most anticipated Tribute casting left on the roster? Um, yeah– that would be a resounding NO, especially with looming reports stating that principle photography is starting next week!

Show of proverbial hands! How many of us thought that we’d get our Beetee before we got our Finnick, and with weeks stretched between them– just not in the fashion that’s becoming the begrudging norm of the last stretch of several days? I’m raising my hand with you all. The history of this franchise, however has already told us that casting announcements can, and will probably continue to fall on our heads even after principle photography has got underway. Stopping myself from saying a string of unintelligible words here, Beetee– is not a character I ever expected to still not have official casting information on less than one week from production beginning! Am I right, or am I right? Okay, let’s not run our selves into the ground, shall we? Let’s examine what could possibly be holding up getting our dear technological genius, ’cause frankly if I don’t put it into writing, and out there– I just might do something stupid, like become a Hipster.

Peut-être, and I don’t think I’m reaching out into nothing when I say this, Francis Lawrence could quite possibly be the biggest casting control freak on the face of the known earth? I say this because gauging (which I always secretly think should be pronounced gouging, as if you needed to know that), from the agency in charge of casting extras, sorry “background supporting artists”, and what they have shared about the casting process– Lawrence is painstakingly weeding through EVEN the background players. Take a look at this quote taken directly from CL Casting’s Facebook page, “the director is picking from videos. He wants to see your facial expressions and emotions. He wants people that can tell a story without hearing a word out of their mouth.” Seriously, if he’s taking the amount of time it takes to look through video clips of possible extras, finding the remaining Tributes could be just as slow going. Mull on that thought for a spell.

Now do yourself the favor and forget that, and take this thought into your head, Beetee’s this close to being cast, however contractual negotiations have hit a snag, and they’re sitting on their thumbs until whomever, or whatever concedes, and signs on the dotted line? Holds about as much water as Lawrence clocking in all that time looking at video clips, right? I think so. Here’s the last fly in the ointment, if you will— they lost their Beetee. Here’s a scenario in my mind: They had him, negotiations were underway, but then he backed out, and decided to go do another film, a TV show, maybe a Broadway play, become a Buddhist monk, or maybe, just maybe– he died. So, where does that leave the production? It leaves it to shoot around any and all scenes that include Beetee until they find someone to fill out his wire-rims. All I know is that the casting of this role can go one of three ways: Our Beetee could be the best actor yet to be cast, he could be the actor who needs to prove himself the most, or he could just be totally meh

Tomorrow though, as my almost habitual routine dictates, at 9 am PST, I’ll be waiting once again to see if Beetee is finally given a face. 
Them There Eyes


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  1. I seem to remember they tormented us last year, too. They’re just being jerks. They know they can get away with it. What are we going to do–threaten to not see the movie?

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