Can We Stop Worrying Already Part 2: The Continuity Edition

Let’s not.

As much as I have faith in Lionsgate, Francis Lawrence, everyone involved in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, there’s one anxiety in the back of my mind. And it’s the underlying concern for most fans, the one that doesn’t get as much attention as the “Finnick/Johanna/Beetee/[insert character here] must be perfect!” shouting that goes on. And that concern is about continuity.

Think about it. When we found out that Gary Ross would not be directing the second installment in the Hunger Games franchise, we couldn’t help worrying. And while that worrying has minimized, it’s still kind of there because we have this element of the unknown mixed with the fact that we now have to worry about whether or not the second movie will feel continuous with the previous one. When The Hunger Games was being filmed, we did not have to worry about that.

Don’t get me wrong, many people are staying on. But, for example, the announcement that Trish Summerville is replacing Judianna Makovsky as costume designer. While we’re hopeful and have faith in her, we still have to worry about whether or not the look of Catching Fire will keep the continuity of the first movie. It’s just there and a legitimate concern, and we love the books so much that we can’t help it that we worry.

Discontinuous in the wardrobe department…

Continuity is a great concern. We know not everything will be the same. A new director is going to want to put their own spin to it. A new costume designer will want to put their own touches and aesthetic in the costumes. All we want is that it feels like the same story. The thing about The Hunger Games is that the books are one continuous story broken up in 3 parts (the movies will of course have 4), not 3 separate and distinct stories. How many times have we heard that people who’ve read the series consumed them all in one go, each book one right after the other? The movies after they’re all out when watched all at once, say marathon style, should feel like one story.

And now is the time to make sure that happens. The continuity in the films needs to hold up throughout the series and it starts with the transition from The Hunger Games to Catching Fire.

…is just one example.

Lionsgate, we don’t want you to Glee it up*. We want you to succeed. And I’m sure you’re very aware of how much Hunger Games fans pay attention. We will notice if things are just too different. This franchise has so much potential to be a classic when all is said and done, and one step towards that is keeping continuity from the very beginning.

And now the Conga Line of Continuity begins

“Glee it up”: To have utter disregard for what had previously happened for no discernable reason, to throw continuity out of the proverbial window, in such a way that it significantly and negatively impacts the quality. Named for Glee’s infamous lack of continuity.

Edit: I hope everyone realizes this post is NOT about just costume continuity. Like I said, it’s an example. I’m talking about continuity in general.



  1. My honest to God opinion. I mean, I was roaring ( I did say and I quote “Roar”) the Harry Potter contuniutiy with the uniforms changed? Ugh.

    And now, I learn costume design left?

    Let me say it in advance.


  2. “Glee it up” may be my new favorite phrase!

    I got really peeved when Lionsgate announced there would be different directors for each film. It isn’t hip, IMO. It just ruins the overall vision of the series.

  3. The capitol costumes CAN change. Fashion seasons, trends, stuff like that…

    The arena clothes WILL change. The interview / tribute parade costumes will change (and I hope the new costume designer can make the wedding dress that turns into a mockingjay beautifully :D). More stuff will change, and it’s perfectly fine.

    I don’t think we have to worry too much about the change to a new costume designer.

    What can’t change on the movie tho, is stuff like:
    – The Capitol. Changing it would be an error. But I’m pretty confident they won’t change it, I mean, why would they?
    – District 12. :/. :/. We’ll see what happens with that, cause they changed the filming locations but tbh, they will only have to show the victor’s village, which WILL be different, and the whipping scene, which can be done in a different place without it being noticeable at all.
    – The train thing and stuff like that.

    We’ll see though, I’m not too worried about that. There’s a lot of stuff which can be changed without any problem, and not much stuff which needs to be the same way.

    1. I agree I’m not to worried. The only changes that are not acceptable to me are with the look of the Capitol, The Seam, and the Justice Building. Everything else changes pretty much. It is said that the Capitol’s fashion changes on a whim and that it is never the same for long, Ceaser has a new hair color and color matching suit, and pretty much everything to do with clothing style can change.

      This is not to say that in the HG movieverse that maybe the Cornucopia changes shape every year or the Tribute Interview auditorium gets renovated every year. Some changes can be explained easily but the general look of the Capitol and District 12 have to stay the same.

    2. I also think that changes in the costume designs are not that much of an issue, and can easily be explained away as occuring due to changes in fashion trends. I can easily see Capitol fashions changing a LOT over the course of a year. We also know that Hunger Games stylists can come and go; Cinna and Portia were newbies to the Games in THG, and must have replaced whoever styled for D12 in the past; and we know Tigris is a former
      HG stylist who fell out of favor. Though I guess from what Johanna says that the D7 stylists have been around for decades.

      But anyway, if the tribute training and arena costumes look different, I’d find it plausible that they hired a new “head stylist” to design them, especially considering it’s a Quarter Quell and they’d want to give it more “oomph”. Much more plausible than having Hogwarts uniforms look completely different each year.

      Also, while I thought that Judianne did a great job dressing Effie and the other Capitolites, as well as Haymitch, I really wasn’t that impressed by her other designs. So I actually hope that the new designer is an improvement.

      That being said, I agree with those who have stated that radical changes in set design WOULD be more of a continuity issue. I did not like how Hogwarts, Hagrid’s Hut, The Burrow, etc., looked completely different in the many HP movies. So I’d hope they’d keep the look of the Capitol and D12 intact. Though I think the Cornucopia looking different is plausible because the whole arena is SO different from the last one.

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