Hunger Games Pride: Back to School Edition

Everyone gather ’round The Girl With The Pearl and tell you a story, Mr. Rogers style. *pats seat*

Once upon a time, I wasn’t that cool. Hard to believe, I know! …Well, I have never been cool in the traditional sense, but I made myself less cool by worrying way too much about what others thought of me. If I could do high school all over again, I would have accepted just how geeky I was and actually enjoy life’s geeky pleasures.

Because there is another school year upon us and there is always a way to show fandom pride in the office, we’re listing some of our favorite Hunger Games swag based on REAL coolness (aka totally undisguised, sinful levels of nerdiness!)

Level 1: Mockingjay pin

Any fan can stick this on their bag and act really casual about it if someone asks, as if it’s not a huge deal that consumes a huge chunk of your life! “Oh, this old thing? Someone gave it to me ages ago. I guess I like the books, so it’s a nice little embellishment! *cough*”

Level 2: Stickers

Slightly less casual, but still not insane. “I went to the bookstore and this was on sale at the counter for like 99 cents. My stuff came to $19.50 and I got 20% off my next purchase if I spent more than $20, so I was like… ‘Hey, whatever!'”

Level 3: Hunger Games Bookmarks

Your chance to get a little hipster! “Urgh… I just feel like most of the books they have us read in school are so passe! I just wanted to incorporate a little something that actually speaks to our generation, you know?” Note: This will not work if you’re reading The Hunger Games in school!

Level 4: Pencils and/or Pens

Most of it is covered by your hand, but if it’s not, you can always say you’re in it for the actors. “I only got this because it has Josh Hutcherson/Jennifer Lawrence on it (depending on your preferences) and with Mr. or Mrs. Carterface running this class/office, I NEED something pretty to look at!”

Level 5: Hunger Games Jewelry

Something you can show off or tuck under your shirt, depending on how much fandom pride you feel at any particular hour! “Oh, you saw that? Yeah, I like the books. I thought this was kinda cool.”

Level 6: Notebooks

There’s basically no denying fan status at this point, so use style as an excuse. “I keep all these plain notebooks and I always get them confused, so I got these fun Hunger Games ones that actually come in different designs!

Level 7: Phone Case


“I’ve read the books and I like the movie even though *insert generic movie complaint here*, but I am just obsessed with all the graphic design imagery from the series!

Level 8: Laptop Skin

There’s no pretending at this point! “Oh yeah, I love the movie! Plus I figured this looks so much better than that plain silver cover top… This is a conversation piece!”

Level 9: Hunger Games Clothes

Claim to be doing the world a public service! “I really believe in the message behind this series, so if I’m going to be a consumer and buy new clothes anyway, I’m going to spread that message!

Level 10: The Ultimate Back to School Set


It’s Okay. The Hunger Games is Our Soulmate Too (Does That Make Us All Polygamists?)
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. This article was perfect. Definitely one of my favorite from Victor’s Village (I’ve read every single article from you guys, so that’s certainly saying something!)

    I can relate to this article on so many levels. Usually I’m the one doing the approaching, but just the other day someone came up to me and said that they liked my Hunger Games shirt. I replied, ‘Yeah. I, um, like The Hunger Games.” (which was the stupidest thing to say because, HELLO, I was wearing the shirt). I just hate it when I find another THG fan because I just feel like THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW how much of an obsessed fan I am. I want them to know– but I can’t even describe in words how this series has consumed every bit of my life (and how can I say it without sounding crazy?!). I don’t know. I hate it when a casual fan thinks that I’m also just a CASUAL fan.
    So offensive.

    1. I struggle with the constantly. I want to gush about the series and wear the jewelry and clothes, etc but I’m a grown adult and I don’t want anyone to think I’m crazy, including other fans who are more casual than me! It’s like you’re hiding a scandalous secret or something!

  2. I have a phone case. It’s so beautiful because Josh is on it :’) All my friends know I’m a serious Hunger Games fan now, and I have begun to attract other serious fans. Hunger Games items are perfect for making friends with people you can go see the midnight premier of CF with! Wait sorry… THG:CF

  3. Hahahahahaha… I may or may not be level ten..

    By the way, I also have the metal collectors lunch box. And I totally amen your comment Savannah.

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