Digital Love

The movie has been officially out on Blu-Ray/DVD for a week and a half now and I have only just redeemed my digital copy. Like a few minutes ago. Gotta have a copy of the movie on my iPad, just in case I’m stranded somewhere with an intense desire to watch The Hunger Games.

No, this is not going to be a thought-provoking blog post. Sorry guys!

This is going to be a “Look how long this is taking” post.

Exhibit A (taken right… now!)

Lame, right?

You know what’s not lame though? Getting the iTunes exclusive extras with the digital copy that came with my Blu-Ray. For some reason, it had not occurred to me that would happen. I was totally ready to pay for it too! Now I’ve just got to play the waiting game (tick tock).

If you’ve put off or forgotten about that little digital copy code in your Hunger Games DVD or Blu-Ray, you might want to take it out and redeem your own code. It’s really easy to ignore that little piece of paper covering Peeta’s face. Remember, there are even more special features on the iTunes extras!

Stop trying to make me believe Josh is 5’10”. It’s not going to happen.

So in 50 bajillion hours, I’ll be able to carry the movie around in my already heavy purse. Don’t you love technology?

And I was hoping I’d get to watch the iTunes exclusive tonight



    1. I wonder how can that be, all I did was redeem it and the HD and standard versions plus the iTunes extras just started downloading…

    2. Did you download the Ultraviolet version? That has no special features. You can actually get both versions despite what the little slip of paper says. Just enter the code in the site again.

  1. Wow, thanks! I did the digital download but didn’t realize the extras were included – I just found them & now know what I will be doing tonight.

  2. Definitely redeeming my iTunes copy! (once I download iTunes, that is)

    Also– have you guys seen a video online of the extra BTS clips exclusively on the Blu-ray version of the movie (for example– Gary showing the storyboard for the movie while playing the clip next to it)? Apparently, Lionsgate didn’t realize that some of us are still stuck in the ol’ days and just have a DVD player.

  3. @Gail J
    I downloaded the iTunes version that I go in my Walmart blu ray but it only looks like I downloaded the movie. Where did you find the extras? Also the fine print on the bottom of the card with the code says that it is good for the movie only. Special features not included. Perhaps this is a Canadian thing as I am north of the border. Thoughts ?

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