The Race to the Start

I think many of us are still reeling from the unexpected release of the official casting of our dear Finnick (finally), some of us are still recovering actually (not me). Recovering or not, I hate to be all annoying, and nit picky, and just totally fan-nish, but we’ve got 13 other characters that have yet to be cast officially, and four of them are characters that Suzanne Collins was nice enough to actually give names. So, what I say to that looming 13 is– what gives, where are they, and for god’s sake– what’s with the casting news stinginess? Am I right, or am I right?

Production is slated to begin on Catching Fireoops, sorry The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, in a matter of days (perhaps two weeks?), and historical context in mind (yes, Hunger Games production actually has an historical context now… I’m just as baffled as you, believe me), playing Devil’s Advocate with my own train of thought here, we’re probably not going to get all 13 of those casting announcements before principal photography starts off with a bang– it might actually be a whimper from where we’re sitting through. 13 is a big number, and it’s even more daunting to fathom when you’re sitting up at 1 am looking at, and you see all the blank, and greyed-out silhouettes of tributes. Back to historical context though, last year, last May 24th actually– one of the last characters to be cast officially, and announced to the public was Toby Jones (Claudius Templesmith), principal photography on The Hunger Games began on May 19th. That in mind– I think we’re in for a long, boring, possibly alcohol soaked (if you’re legal… only if you’re legal), few weeks to come.

Before this proverbial dry-spell gets off though– god, I hope we get our Beetee.

Them There Eyes



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