The Hunger Games in the Digital Age

The news is out and it’s kind of a big deal: The Hunger Games has outsold Harry Potter on Amazon (though, because there is no hope left for humanity, Fifty Shades of Grey is Amazon’s best-selling series)!

Amazon Kindle Generation 1

Born in 2007

…Only that doesn’t really mean anything. We’re living a cold, shallow lie.

Don’t get us wrong, we want The Hunger Games to get ALL the distinctions and recognition! We want everyone to hear about how great it is so that they can’t help but want to read it, then they’ll discover the awesomeness within!

But let’s play fair here: We live in a far more digital age now than we did at the time of Harry Potter. What makes The Hunger Games series such a big seller on Amazon is the Kindle versions, when the Harry Potter series just released ebooks in March (for free, which we assume doesn’t count toward sales.) When Harry Potter was released, most of the fans when all about midnight parties in bookstores, not pre-ordering a copy online. I would have been SHAMED by friends if they found out I only went and ordered a copy online.

What The Hunger Games books have done is spectacular. It is, it is! But it’s just dam silly to look at these Amazon figures and say “SEE? The Hunger Games is better than Harry Potter!” because a) they’re different sales and marketing phenomena and b) that would make you a total twit.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay series Suzanne Collins books

Soon to be vintage?

This fandom represents a new generation of readership. We are YA lovers for the Digital Age, in which ebooks are commonplace and actual copies of books are mostly bought as a special keepsake. This wasn’t the case five years ago (because the first Kindle wasn’t released until November 2007), so we are one of the first fandoms that’s boosting this trend.

Basically, before you know it we’ll all have flying cars, tiny computers embedded in our brains, and those food generators from the Capitol; and it’s all because Hunger Games fans buy books online! …Or something like that.

So new or old, enjoy whatever books you want to enjoy. Rank ’em in your head from favorite to least favorite. Throw your opinions on Goodreads. Try to get everyone you know to read The Hunger Games series! But for goodness sake, don’t value your fandom’s worth on sales figures!

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