How The Hunger Games Changed A Life

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another guest post!

Today we’ve got a post from David, who’s Hunger Games inspiration helped him overcome some major issues in his personal life. It’s a really touching story, so give it a whirl and tell us how The Hunger Games has affected your life!



The Hunger Games changed my life. In the future I will look back the date March 23, 2012 as the day that I changed for the better. I got into the Hunger Games phenomenon/fandom/series at the midnight screening for the Hunger Games. Before that I only learned of the Hunger Games from reading the web as the hype was building up to the premier. During this time I had no interest in the series and no intention to see the movie. The only thing I heard about the movie was the rumblings of it being a Twilight replacement. Boy, was I wrong about that!

As a early 20’s male anything with Twilight even mentioned in a sentence makes me go into a violent table flipping tantrum that only a sentence were a action movie is mentioned can cure. That association almost put me off forever and the only thing that changed that was some opinion pieces on two websites; and They talked about this dystopian future, the issues the story brings into the forefront of the readers mind, a strong young female heroine who THINKS for themselves, and how the Twilight (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  love triangle is not a major part of the story. After reading these stupendous things I went and got a quick synopsis off of Wikipedia, which is the single worst place to get synopsis from. To say I was intrigued, but not totally convinced.

Jennifer Lawrence Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games

Life-Changing Female Heroine!

So, Thursday the 22nd roles around with me still having no inclination of seeing it right away. Then I read this article that changed my mind. I decided to see it and on a whim and at 10:30 pm I decided to see the midnight showing. That might be the best decision I have ever made in my life. The movie exceeded all expectations and left me thinking for weeks about life, love, work, and myself. This lead to me accidentally buying the first book (Amazon said the ebook was free and lied to me) and read it in a day. I preceded to willingly purchase Catching Fire and Mockingjayand read them back to back in two days, After finishing, it left me blown away and literally speechless.

These feelings would lead me to change my life. Seeing and reading what Katniss did to save her family and how hard she worked to stay alive was a inspiration. As a 20-something overweight slacker who was failing through college, this is what I needed to read. If a sixteen year old could survive against all odds, I could do what is need to make my life what I want it to be. So I cold turkeyed caffeine and completely removed it from my life, started eating less and healthier, and started to be more active. Now almost five months later I feel the best I have felt in five years and now have a drive to study and try my best to finish my degree.

All this is thanks to a great and wonderful series.
David B.



  1. A bit delayed, but I’d also like to thank you for sharing your story. It really is amazing, isn’t it, about Katniss Everdeen and the effect she can have? It’s also great to hear that you, as a man, found Katniss to be inspiring. Since unfortunately, some guys still dismiss the series as “books for girls” just because a girl is the main character and there is some romance involved. I’m glad you overcame your initial hesitation, and took a chance on THG!

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