Preparation Is Key

I come to you now with a warning, a message, if you were– and the message is, prepare yourself for the coming lull. We’ve received an unprecedented amount of casting news within the last week plus, but I think we’re in for a dry-spell as The Hunger Games DVD and all its fun, fantastic, sparkly gifts of wowness is dropped into our anticipating hands. I for one will be waiting until the crowds disperse to get my copy, because I only do crowds at concerts, and even then I’m on the edge of losing it in a fit brought on by a lovely, mild, yet completely irrational anxiety disorder. However, if you’re one of those people who are going to be braving the lines at a Midnight Release in your respective hometown, more power to ya’! And for everyone, and I mean everyone— I think we should take the likely lull in casting news pre and post DVD release in stride, and possibly attempt to engage in other time consuming activities, perhaps even ones that will better us as human beings. So, here’s a list of things to do before you’ve got your hot little hands on a copy of the newly released DVD, and yep– after you’ve run through all the special features, and you’re thinking of constantly refreshing until magically Beetee is announced, or god forbid Finnick Odair.

  • Take up archery, ’cause apparently it’s what all the cool kids are doing now. And,

    She may have mom issues, but she sure knows how to aim that thing.

    wouldn’t it just be better knowing you too could possibly shoot an apple out of a roast pig’s mouth?

  • Suck it up and read Battle Royale. I for one should probably attempt this, but the near constant pooh flinging from BR fans at The Hunger Games has sort of left me wanting to, well– I’ll let you use your own imagination. (Note: I saw the film a long time ago.)
  • Marathon Game of Thrones. Why? Because why the fuck not!? There’s sward fighting, and ax wielding, and hot blond twins who creep everyone out, sort of like Gloss and Cashmere. Also, there are ponies, lots of ponies.
  • Get a goat.
  • Get a cat.
  • Attempt to start your own Young Adult novel, and try your utmost to not base it on The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Divergent.
  • Go to the library, talk to a librarian, and get a comprehensive list of young adult novels that I did not just mention, hell– if they throw in some classics like say, Z For Zachariah, or The Outsiders, that would be awesome.

Okay, now that you’re semi equipped to brave the post DVD release/casting news lull– go forth and perhaps maybe get some vitamin D in between re-watching the Cave sequence over and over, ‘kay?

Just in case you weren’t sure what a goat was.



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