They’ll Cut You

Within the last several weeks we’ve got not quite a deluge of casting confirmations for our beloved Catching Fire, but a good healthy sprinkling or two or three. Last two days we finally got our Enobaria, in the remarkably attractive Meta Golding, and our Brutus is now a Bruno,

Brutus is a Bruno

and he looks a might Italian, and it turns out– he totally is (other name is Gioiello, Gunn’s a stage-name). I don’t know why I find this appropriate? No, wait, I do– ’cause the original Brutus, the Roman figure actually, he was refined, deceitful, bit of a mama’s boy some people have interpreted, also conflicted (but who isn’t when you’re plotting to murder the leader of an empire?), also Rome’s in Italy, so there’s that. Personally, I always pictured both Enobaria and Brutus to look ethnic, and having a woman who’s Haitian, and a square jawed Italian guy from Ohio, well– works with my head canon like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s kind of astounding really how the supporting cast is jelling, so to speak, and that the people they’re pulling from the ranks are very much so filling the pictures many already had had in their minds for years. Take Lynn Cohen for instance– who I think I can say no one has anything bad to say about, except she’s not Betty White, right? It has to be addressed though, to those who wanted Betty White, that was never going to happen, she makes a living off of being Betty White, not being an actress– and the role of Mags requires someone who’s known for her acting chops, not her public persona. So, if you’re sad that Mags will be embodied by a respected actress, instead of a public figure, I don’t know, go watch re-runs of The Golden Girls? Lynn Cohen though, she’s the real deal– and we should be satisfied that they chose her, ’nuff said. 

Which brings me to the sad and somewhat disconcerting realization that some characters

Lynn Cohen

won’t even make the cut. Enobaria, Brutus, Mags, and all of the other tributes/victors, they’re going to make it, we know this from viewing innumerable times. But, there are secondary characters who aren’t victors who don’t have a name plate and an empty spot on that virtual board: I’m speaking of characters like Darius, Cray, Thread, Hazelle Hawthorne, all the Hawthornes really, Leevy, Bonnie, Twill, and possibly even Annie Cresta. Thread may make the cut, because we’ve seen rumblings just this week about Sons of Anarchy’s Patrick St. Esprit being in talks, but rumors are rumors, and we can’t believe them as far as we can throw our computer monitors. All of these characters are subject to being either cut down, or cut out of the story entirely, just like Madge Undersee, Lavinia, Mr. Mellark, and Greasy Sae were cut out of The Hunger Games. All of these characters serve, or served a purpose in the story, Madge’s purpose was replaced by a merchant in The Hob and a concerned look on the

Thread is that you?

woman’s face, Sae was maybe just someone in the background, and Mr. Mellark, well– he just doesn’t exist in Gary Ross’ version of the story, which makes me more sad than I thought I would be, because his scene with Katniss was extremely moving in the novel, and it would have given a bit more depth to both Katniss and to Peeta if they’d kept him in. From what we know about Catching Fire and the vision behind the film its self, is semi reassuring though, for the fact that we’ve repeatedly heard from actors, and from the director that the screenplay is the book, and they want to make the film the book. But is this a watered down, chopped up version of the book, where characters like Darius won’t see the light of day, because his actions, and humor can be replaced, or ignored? Will they omit Hazelle Hawthorne, and not give Gale the depth of having a face and a voice to embody a huge part of his family, and thus in a way ignore that his family is why he pretty much does EVERYTHING. I don’t know, all I know is– there are a few things I can see within reason removing or omitting from the story, but in many cases omitting secondary characters will do a disservice to the humanity, the expanse, and the diversity of the story as a whole.

Also, I like gingers.

Them There Eyes



  1. I don´t think Thread will be cut. Who´s gonna whip Gale if he´s not in the movie? Some characters´ screen time might be significantly reduced, that i can bet, so that could be the reason they won´t be announced on the casting page. I´d be sad if Darius gets cut, though. I thought katniss and Darius´ scene in the capitol when he´s been made an Avox was very touching

    1. I don’t see them cutting Thread either, he’s integral to the progression of the story, he’s also a meaty role that any self respecting actor would love to get their hands on. People like playing bad guys, bad guys are fun.

      I really, really, really hope they don’t cut out Darius like they had to cut out Lavinia. I know they filmed Lavinia’s scenes for The Hunger Games, but they had to cut them out of the final cut of the film– for timing, for flow, I’m not sure. But she’s gone, and I sadly don’t see a way they can bring her in on Catching Fire, so maybe instead they can establish Darius, and let the people who are only familiar with the film become educated on Avox’s.

  2. Maybe it’s just that the casting page isn’t full. Maybe they’ll announce some extra roles some other ways (like Romulus Thread).

    For the first movie, if I recall correctly, the casting page just showed the tributes. Maybe this time it shows more stuff, but it can still be incompleted.

    We’ll see… anyways, I’m preparing myself for what could happen. Because, while I have an emotional attachment with the characters, maybe they find an easy way to replace them. After all, it’s a 2 hours movie. Something has to be cut. 😦 (I really wish they could make it 3 hours or something. C’mon, just for this one. For Mockingjay you can go back to 2 hours, after all it’s a split so it’d be 4 hours. Please?)

    1. I know that with characters like Effie, Elizabeth Banks announced she was cast herself on her own Twitter. I gather that for characters who are not victors/tributes, Lionsgate will have to rely on their Twitter, and the press at large to report on those castings. Unless they magically make another page for non-victors/tributes.

      I also want them to make Catching Fire super long. A modern audience can handle it, plus if we’re paying sometimes 15 dollars a ticket, I think a three hour film is getting out monies worth, right?

  3. Wow, you hit it on the head. I agree. I understand having to omit things here and there for the sake of time or what have you. But there are things so essential to the story that cutting them out lessens the general public’s full understanding of a character (I’m thinking Gale in this instance).

    1. I’m thinking Gale, I’m thinking Peeta, I’m thinking Haymitch, I’m thinking Finnick, and I’m thinking Katniss.

      With Peeta the first film did a major disservice to his character development by omitting a lot of the original dialog from the book, which destroyed the essence of who he is, and/or was. Also, making his family background unclear made him unclear and unfocused, speaking of most people not being able to discern that he comes from an abusive home.

      I’m hoping that with the second film that they stop taking things away from characters, and just give them more, lots more. We’re not stupid, we can handle it all.

  4. I hope the Thread rumor turns out to be true, because Gale’s whipping seems important to the story on many levels. But a movie without Darius, while very probable, does make me sad. I love the playful interaction with him and Katniss in the Hob, and my heart felt crushed by their interaction with him as Avox, fingers meeting for a few seconds under the table. I suppose it is not crucial to the overall story, but it does bring a bittersweet-ness.

    1. I need Darius, I need Katniss to have a friend outside of Gale. She needs more friends, they already took away Madge, and if they don’t give her Darius they’re going to make her seem even more like the loner who can’t communicate.

  5. Psh, if Darius isn’t in there, I’ll be so mad. . . I love people with red hair<3
    But really, Darius and Greasy Sae, they're all impor.antt

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