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Laurel and hardy totally get it.

Remember a few weeks back (which I know is a hard thing to do at this point, because some of us have become raging alcoholics since The Powers That Be started unceremoniously dropping casting announcements on us at strange intervals), about actors talking their heads off about wanting to be part of The Hunger Games franchise– and how those who engage in this kind of behavior don’t get their wishes granted by the Tooth Fairy, who disguises them selves as the casting director? Yeah, read on at your own risk.

I know it’s no big revelation, but I think one of the longest standing offenders, who unfortunately falls into the Chatty Kathy category, is Mr. Hunter Parrish. I think I need to come clean about some things before I go any further though, I did want him to play Peeta. There that’s out! I thought he would have made a fantastic Peeta, but I got over it– I got over it pretty damn fast really, maybe about a week– two days tops, actually. I know, if only people could get over relationships that fast? Wait, people do, but then it hurts when they pee. Anyway! Parrish was my number one choice for Peeta, and here comes another confession– for a little while, not sure how long honestly, I wanted him to play Finnick. I was obviously cured of this desire, as evidenced by my rampant, and almost annoyingly consuming pitching for Armie Hammer in the role. Know this though, it wasn’t Mr. Hammer who made me get off the idea of Parrish as Finnick, it was Parrish– and re-reading Catching Fire. Okay, so here’s the deal– Parrish is a multi-talented actor, he also comes off as an individual with a good head on his shoulders, and many people are rooting for him, especially after he told the media that he’s a fan of the series himself, which is great, I wish more young men would come out of that closet. But, if being a fan of the series is what gets you a part in the film adaptation of the series, I would be playing Cecelia, or Enobaria, or Johanna (the only roles I am the around the right age for). Do you know what does get you a part in the series though? Why, being right for a part does, and NOT talking to the media repeatedly about wanting the part.

Which brings me to my smoking gun, as it were. We all know Parrish is a talker, which is all well and good, and maybe it’s worked for him elsewhere, but I think in the case of The Hunger Games, he shot himself in the foot. July 30th, less than a week ago, Parrish said this in regards to being fantasy cast by fans in the adaptation of the worst written erotica I have ever come across, 50 Shades of Grey, “You know, people have said that I’m perfect for roles in other book series as well, and it didn’t fare so well.” Ahem, I know don’t have an Intersect computer downloaded into my brain, but to me that means he has in no uncertain terms NOT earned a role in The Hunger Games. More evidence to back up this flash of genius, Deadline published a short but sweet article the same day Lynn Cohen’s casting as Mags was announced. To save you the trouble, I’ll just give it to you straight, a list of actors who allegedly made it to the last short-list Lionsgate compiled of those who had auditioned for Finnick, and Hunter Parrish’s name was not on it. We’ll never know if Parrish ruined his own chances at getting the role of Peeta or Finnick by talking about his unabashed desire to be part of The Hunger Games, but to me– my theory has been proven correct.

Repeat after me, “the first rule of The Hunger Games franchise is, if you want to be part of The Hunger Games franchise, don’t talk about wanting to be part of The Hunger Games franchise.”
Them There Eyes



  1. Lol.. I’m just going to make an Office reference here. ( Isn’t it amazing I am 11 and watch that :D)
    “Learn you rules, learn your rules, if you don’t you’ll get eaten in your sleep!”

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