Catching Fire, The Idiom

Ladies and gents, we have the in production name for Catching Fire! Just before Josh officially confirmed that the movie would be filming in Atlanta, Catrett Locke Casting out of Georgia begin looking for extras for something that sounded oddly familiar.

The Hunger Games movie Capitol Citizens Lionsgate

Rock that facial hair, rich model types!

Let’s quote shall we?

RICH WEALTHY UPSCALE We are seeking men, women and children. Model, Beautiful, Upscale, Political types. This will have a lot to do with the way you carry yourself. If you are a man with a beard willing to have it shaved in a untraditional way please note that in the body of the e-mail. Please put TOP OF THE WORLD in the subject box.

MEN WITH CHISELED CHEST Seeking men with chiseled chest and abs. Sometimes its hard to do my job but hey some has to do it. Ok back to work. If you have chiseled arms and chiseled abs please put KEEP in the subject box. Please make sure to send a waist shot (shirtless) and a full body (shirtless).

SEEKING VERY THIN TYPES-SEVERELY THIN We are seeking men and women that are extremely thin. There are a couple of different looks we are trying to achieve so please read carefully and submit where you feel you fit the best.

Type 3 Pale/Ashen Skin and blk, very drk brown hair
Type 6/Part 1 Light brown/mousey brown hair, brown eyes or blueish/green/greyish eyes
Type 6/Part 2/very specific (we know there won’t be many but…) Extremely thin I mean thin/loose skin/yellowish skin tone
Type 8/Part 1 Brown hair, pale skin, hazel type eyes
Type 8/Part 2 Drk brn hair, darker skin, brown eyes
Type 11/Part 1 African American
Type 11/Part 2 Latin American/Hispanic types
Type 12/Part 1 Olive skin, gray eyes, black/drk brwn hair
Type 12/Part 2 Pale skin, blonde, blue eyes

Now, let’s say it together! Capitol citizens, evil peacekeepers, and actor stand-ins, OH MY! Either this is the best ruse ever or Catching Fire will be going under The Idiom while filming.

Why The Idiom, you ask? We think someone quite clever picked that title!
id·i·om – 1. an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements or from the general grammatical rules of a language 2. a distinct style or character

film marker film equipment

Ready to rollllll!

By definition, an idiom is something that is not meant to be predictable (like The Hunger Games’ in-production title, Artemis, which most fans picked up on right away.) Lionsgate wants to keep this project under wraps for obvious purposes and were it not for this really obvious casting call, they probably could have succeeded for much longer. The Idiom looks like a pretty dull movie title and surely most people’s eyes would have glazed over it, at least until filming began.

We also love that the word “idiom” refers to something unique. This project has got a new director, a new location, and a new tone to go with it. It won’t be The Hunger Games all over again but with a different script. The working title hints at something distinct, something fans haven’t seen before. And that makes us want to bust into various awkward geek girl dance moves, like the Cabbage Patch and the Running Man.

Real casting news may only be hitting us once a week, but 1. We got our Mags today and she looks awesome! and 2. We can always enjoy the idiom of The Idiom in the meanwhile!

We’ll Also Throw In The Shopping Cart and The Sprinkler Dances for No Extra Charge!

The Girl With The Pearl



    1. Yup, they’re all the Quarter Quell victors (with Prim at the end). The type coincides with their district.. which kind of surprises me, because you think they’d try to mask that better!

      1. also——-why would victors be skin n bones? i think they r looking for (these castsing calls r for: rues brothers and sisters, threshs grandmother, and district 12 people peacekeepers and capitol people for the party at end of victors tour

  1. Some my be victors, others might just be crowds. District 6, Type 2 is the Morphlings for sure! “Extremely thin I mean thin/loose skin/yellowish skin tone” Don’t know about the other District 6 types — could be scenes from the Reaping. The chiseled chest types are odd, but probably Career Victors for the Games (or maybe they still haven’t found Finnick? Nah…). And the District 8 casting means they are probably going to show the riots and the part where the uniform factory is blown up. District 11 is obvious — the Victory Tour stop when Katniss makes her speech to Rue’s family. D12 are the usual Seam types for the Quarter Quell Reaping and other ‘home’ shots.

    1. The chiseled chest one is probably like when they do the reaping and annie flips out they’ll have to show the rest of them and since they’re all like fishermen they’ll all be buff and stuff. IDK that’s just my guess. Did that explaination even make sense?

    2. maybe they really havent found finnick. maybe they will NOT do a famous person and maybe the person trying out for finnick WONT KNOW hes being tried out for finnick till they tell him hes got it

      1. No, that’s definitely NOT the case. They mat still be narrowing down Finnick, but it will definitely be an actor, not some random.chiseled guy based on a picture. These are stand-ins and extras.

        Also, to answer your other comments, Brooke: There’s not a new Prim, it’s just a body double for Willow Shields. Also, the victors described as skin and bones are the morphling addicts from D6.

  2. I thought “The Idiom” is being used as the “mask title” because the phrase “Catching Fire” IS an idiom, or figure of speech, in itself. Also, it does seem that FLaw and others involved in CF casting took heed of the criticism that the HG movie glossed over the actual “hunger” issue, and that the D11 and D12 extras looked poor, but not actually starving. And I know Jen Lawrence herself was criticized for looking too well-fed, but at least in her case you could say that Katniss herself notes that due to her hunting for food, she is better nourished than others in the Seam.

    Re the “chiseled chest” casting call, I agree with Sahvana that this might be for D4 extras, with the idea that there are a lot of buff male fishermen there who walk around bare-chested, even at a Reaping. It might also include extras from other Career districts, who I can see as being much better fed than the other districts due to being more favored by the Capitol, and having many Victors who win not just riches for themselves, but food and rations for the whole District.

    As for Peacekeepers, I think the call for “ex-military/ police types 6’0″ caucasian very fit” that Megan linked to is a better fit for Peacekeepers. The “Caucasian” part also makes me think they’re keeping the D11 scene where the old man is shot, and perhaps setting it up to resemble RL incidents of all-white police forces inflicting brutality on African-Americans? Hmm.

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