Your Chance To Write for Victor’s Village!

Blog writing The Thinker parody

You should too!

No, this is NOT your post for the day! This is just a quick messy post asking for longer, less messy posts from YOU.

Summer is in full swing, casting is upon us, book talk is more rampant that ever, and Hunger Games opinions are avast. Why not share your opinions with the world?!

We’ve got your opportunity right here! We’re seeking out some stellar guest posts because, believe it or not, we know that our opinions aren’t the only ones that matter!

If you’ve got ANYTHING to say about The Hunger Games books, movies, merchandise, fandom, etc. that you’d like to share with tons of members of the fandom, write it up and send it to! Wit preferred, but not required. As long as your writing isn’t a hot mess (we have faith in you!), we’ll post it up to be share with other fans!

Oh, and if possible.. send them our way soon!

Any questions? Send us an e-mail or sound off in the comments!



    1. Pathetic admission of the day: I don’t even know the word count on my own posts!

      You probably want to avoid writing a full-blown 5 page thesis proposal or two short paragraphs that don’t offer much thought, but we’re really flexible about length. The quality of the content is way more important!

  1. So do we send you WHY we should write or the actual piece of writing? *cough* That you’ve saved up for weeks hoping to post somewhere *cough*

      1. XD. I’ve been writing them since I read the books. I have many. While I am now Team Finnick (SURGAR CUBES!) I have many essays about Peeta VS Gale *cough* me standing on my soap box about Prim *cough* I think I’m coming down with something.

    1. Either way I’m happy. Actually insightful pieces, rants, stories. I just like writing…but we aren’t talking about fanfics, are we? ( be happy, I quoted you) :I

  2. Hagha, I have my own blog now. Of course, its not as good as here. I sent in the post to you and uploaded onto my own. Is that ok?

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