The Money Is On The Jay

I know it’s hard to fathom, and God knows the thought of it actually hitting our retina’s probably makes some of us shake and shiver with joy and apprehension, but according to a report that hit the Internet about two weeks ago, and was seemingly trumped by multiple stories/rumors having to do with Catching Fire, Lionsgate is shopping for a director (or directors), for Mockingjay Part 1 and 2. Yeah, I know– we don’t even have the full cast-list for Catching Fire, and Mockingjay is already a step closer to pre-production, who would-uh thunk it, right? Being the somewhat forward thinking person that I am, this information makes me think of three things. Obviously the first thing is, wait for it– who’s going to play Coin, who’s going to be Boggs, and then of course, who are going to be the crazy people who take on a these-action-packed-emotionally-gripping-movie-things! I’ve already put out two articles about who I think would be good for Boggs, but that was before the cast list of the series was put on a whole other level with The Man himself, aka Philip Seymour Hoffman, thusly almost everyone I thought of doesn’t match-up to his talent, or reputation. So, sadly, you’re all going to have to sit through a few Boggs fantasy casting articles in the future, I’m so sorry. Just know, they’ll be to the gills with shiny award nominees and winners. Coin’s a whole other beast though, and I know people already have a few ideas for who they can picture in the role, and yet again because of Hoffman’s involvement in the series, the actress who takes on Miss Creepy herself, is going to have to be at the top of the echelon of actresses in their late 40s and into their 50s.

Enough about actors though, sometimes we just need to talk about directors. When Gary Ross bowed out of directing Catching Fire, a few names were thrown around in both the media and amongst fans. Let’s just say it now– a lot of people would cry bloody murder if Mr. Alfonso Cuarón’s name was thrown into the mix again. Erm, but for me– because I am not a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I’d be bordering on okay with it, because as a movie fan foremost, he made the most interesting adaptation in that series in my opinion. Again, I am not a Harry Potter fan, so I came into that film with no preconceived notions, and left it satisfied and intrigued to see the next in the series– therefore I think the man did his job. Enough about Cuarón!

Other names that honestly, I never once saw in the media, but were brought up in

Duncan Jones

conversations I had with fellow fans, and then now are actually coming to have been on actual lists Lionsgate had, Duncan Jones. Jones is probably best known for the morally thought provoking 2011 film Source Code, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal, and he also directed what I think was one of the least seen, and most underrated films of 2009, Moon. Jones is somewhat of a novice where it comes to the movie business, however I only say that because he only has five titles listed on his IMDb page, and one of them is a short film, and two others are only in pre-production, but the films that have seen the light of day can prove to pretty much anyone who takes the time to watch them, that Lionsgate would not be looking in the wrong direction if he were considered for either one of The Mockingjay’s. Also, maybe he could convince Sam Rockwell to consider playing Boggs, ’cause he starred in Moon, and he’s also freakin’ amazing. Think about it? 

Let’s get a lady up in here, shall we? Okay, I know it’s a shot in the dark, and a few other cliché phrases, but bear with me for a tick– Kathryn Bigelow. Yep, Kathryn Bigelow of Point Break fame, but more so than that, the only woman to ever win Best Director at The Oscars for none other than the extremely intense, and masculine war film, The Hurt Locker. Bigelow is probably my top fantasy choice for being involved in this franchise, because I think she’d bring a whole other flavor to the story by A. being a woman. and B. being a woman who’s never made a girl movie before. I think she’d find it hell-uh intriguing to take on a project that is a war film, and has a female as the lead who’s not Ripley, an android, an alien, or a fairy. Also, according to her IMDb page, she’s in post-production on her most recent project, meaning she’s wide-open for another project on the horizon. Could that project please be one of The Mockingjay’s, please?

Lionsgate, hear my plea– court this woman, this franchise needs a lady with gumption, and experience with intensity, action sequences, and war themes!

Them There Eyes



  1. Duncan Jones was my top pick when they were talking about replacing Gary Ross. I like Jack Bender, known best for directing many episodes of the TV show Lost. That show was shot like a feature film and he was great at directing both action and emotional scenes.

    I’m not sure Bigelow would do it; she seems to be in that rarefied A list category now. (That would probably also eliminate Joss Whedon, after the success of The Avengers,) Some other female directors who might be a good fit are Mimi Leder and Mary Harron.

    1. I don’t know about hiring a director who’s only ever done TV, it’s a huge risk. Which is why I think a Duncan Jones is a compromise. The two other directors you named though, well one is also mostly only dealt with TV work, and the other I believe is in the works on the new adaptation of All Quiet, which is a huge task. I still hold out hope that since the cast is now being fleshed out by so many top notch people, that someone like Bigelow isn’t entirely a fantasy, besides Hurt Locker starred pretty much unknown people with good reviews under their belts, Hunger Games isn’t much different, but it comes with Oscar nominees.

  2. I’m in the Alfonso Cuarón camp. I have not seen the HP: Prisoner of Azkaban. I have seen his other major movie and it was Children of Men. A great Post Apocalyptic film where he shows his filming specialty, Long one shot takes. In Children of Men he did a 7 minute one shot action scene that would not be out of place in Mockingjay. He put many of these kinds of shots into the movie and it turns out great. Heck his new film, Gravity, opens up with a 17 minute one take shot. And is filled more like that.

    I think it just adds so much suspense. Just think about that style of directing and how it would add so much to some of the scenes. Imagine the District 8 propo in just one long take starting from Katniss walking out of the hospital and ending after she does her big speech.

  3. I do not understand shit about directors, so I can’t really guess whether a director is good or not, so I don’t really have an opinion here.

    I really liked Moon though, so Duncan Jones could be good! I haven’t seen any Kathryn Bigelow movie though, so… dunno.

    The only thing I hope is they can have a good director who can make an amazing movie out of Mockingjay, one which would very well deserve academy awards. It’s my favorite book, so I hope it ends up being my favourite films as well. So yeah, I just want the best of the best! 😀

    (also, what about Meryl Streep for Coin? Can we have the bar THAT high, pretty please?)

  4. Since when is The Hunger Games a “girl movie” and/or a “girl book” for that matter? I know a crap load of guys who are into the HG.

    1. Look, I know it’s not just a “girl movie” or “girl book”, but the media clearly doesn’t, also pitching a story like The Hunger Games to someone like Bigelow who has NEVER done a film where the main protagonist is a girl, the phrase “girl movie” could be brought up… because for all intents and purposes, IT IS, because it’s from the perspective of a girl.

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