The Hunger Games Olympian

Well, the 2012 Olympic games are upon us! And The Hunger Games has been talked about in conversations about the Olympics for a few reasons, one being that Jennifer Lawrence’s archery coach Khatuna Lorig is competing.

It’s really awesome that archery is getting to be in the spotlight during the 2012 Games, not only with Katniss but other characters having their year like Clint Barton, Merida and even Oliver Queen in the fall with the CW’s Arrow coming out. Archery usually gets forgotten about during the Olympics with swimming and gymnastics getting the attention.

I’ve always been really interested in archery, and archery being Katniss’s thing was one of the things that attracted me to The Hunger Games trilogy in the first place. So it’s kind of cool being able to in-real-life root for the woman who showed Jennifer Lawrence her Katniss moves. The US women’s team looks like they’re on the road to a medal (they might even have one by the time you read this), which hasn’t happened since 1988. To put that in perspective, I wasn’t even a one-year-old at the time.

Totally seeing that technique

So tributes, let’s root extra hard for the US women’s archery team, especially Khatuna! She is as much a part of this fandom as any other cast and crew member, and I’m sure The Hunger Games would’ve looked a lot different without her.

We’d love to see her do that apple-out-of-the-pig’s mouth trick



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