At Least Honey Bunny Was Real

Well, that was fast. I’m of course referring to the rumors that have now been mostly dashed upon the proverbial rocks, and not even pretty rocks like, say– the White Cliffs of Dover. Nope, just boring ole’ basalt rocks, not even the column kind. Anyway, so it turns out Melissa Leo, yeah, she’s not going to be Mags. Unfortunately, what it’s shaping up to look like is either she was never up for Mags, she might be up for something else entirely in the franchise, or– she was up for Mags and she didn’t get the gig. It’s a might ambiguous really, which is hell-a annoying if I do say so myself. If she’s still up for something, my guess is she’s up for Seeder. Look at this, “The woman, Seeder, looks almost like she could be from the Seam, with her olive skin and straight black hair streaked with silver. Only her golden brown eyes mark her as from another district. She must be around sixty, but she still looks strong, and there’s no sign she’s turned to liquor or morphling or any form of chemical escape over the years.” Sounds like Leo to me, especially if you take into account that the Seam look is now defined as looking like Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth. Also, Leo’s no stranger to dye jobs, case in point basically every role she’s known for she does not sport her natural hair color. So, Leo– no idea what’s going on with that, all I know is it would, will, could have been amazing if she’d got a part in this mad house killing machine of a franchise.

And then there’s Sam, I’m just going to call him Sam from now on, because it feels a bit more friendly-like. So, Sam– my good friend who is not my friend at all, ’cause we’ve never met, and face it, I know nothing about football (soccer), so he’d probably think I was lame anyway (the guy’s a big football fan). Ugh, where was I!? Hours after the Finnick rumors about Sam surfaced with a roaring cry, it was announced that he’s been cast in an other film, an action packed action film with none other than the venerable Khaleesi herself, Emelia Clarke (Game of Thrones). Oh, also Bones from Star Trek (2009), AKA Karl Urban as well. Sadly, or not sadly if you’re not on the Sam-Train-to Fun-Town (probably located in Brighton), the film is slated to begin shooting later this summer (guessing August). Yep, so that puts a damper on the real possibility of Sam taking the role of Finnick (that’s if he was offered it at all, let alone auditioned), ’cause scheduling no matter what will be a major bitch to get around. By the way, I’m still demanding that even if these rumors come to nothing, that you watch Sam’s work outside of Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White, just for the fact that they are good projects with impeccable writing, direction, and casts that he just happens to be be a part of, okay? Come on, one has David Tennant, and an alum from Skins in it, and another stars Eddie Redmayne, EDDIE REDMAYNE!

Now that that’s outta the way, scheduling appears to be the bane of many of my personal favorites for this particular role’s existence (Finnick). Armie Hammer, who is obviously my top choice if you’ve been paying attention all these months, if you haven’t– um, hi Armie Hammer is my top choice for Finnick, and I run a campaign for him to get noticed for the role, as well as support from fans. However, he’s tied up with Lone Ranger until probably September, and then he’s scheduled in the fall to film an Indie with Michael Sheen, and John Malkovich (go him!). So, schedules once again rear their ugly, beady eyed heads at us. They are so ugly, guys– so ugly, they made Lionsgate push filming up sooner for Catching Fire, because Jennifer Lawrence needs to be in England, naked, and painted blue whilst her boyfriend/ co-star tries not to stare at her boobs, by January. After that he can stare at them all he wants, probably.

Enough with my sour face though, at least we’ve got Philip Seymour Hoffman, and at least we’ve still got Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer), in the bag.

So, consolation prize is– PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, or as I will dub him from now on, The Man. Because he deserves a nick-name better than something that looks like a sound.

Them There Eyes



  1. I’m not sure if Sam’s out honestly. I think the arena will be filmed in Kauai some time in October or later, but I don’t know if I read this somewhere or I completely made it up. We know Stanley Tucci starts filming in October, and I’m guessing the arena scenes will be filmed after that (not really sure though). Either way, I don’t really see a conflict, but who knows, we’ll see.

    About Leo… I’m kind of sad she’s not for the role, as she seemed a completely amazing actress with a great ability, but who knows? maybe the source of the rumour overheard her name or something and she has another role. That’d be amazing.

    Anyways, this scheduling conflicts suck, and the fact they have to get new directors for Mockingjay to make it in time and blahblahblah. I’d prefer more time and a great movie than less time and an OK movie to be honest. We’ll see…

    1. Same boat, hoping if he’s been offered the role that considering that, I believe it’s Lionsgate that are working around Karl Urban’s schedule, they’ll work around Sam’s schedule. Then again, if they’re willing to work around people’s schedules, why can’t they work around Armie’s if they want him, and he maybe wants the role too. Ugh… I had the same thoughts that because the Victor’s scenes will probably will be shot later in the shooting schedule, that they won’t need him/them/whoever until October or even November.

  2. What!? Nooooooo please let Sam Claflin be finnick I just read somewhere like one minute ago that he had probably been offered the role and then I read this and now I am really sad
    Hopefully he can fit both movies in because I really want him to be finnick which is weird cause when it was first announced I wasn’t sure but now I deffinetly want him to be.
    I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed
    and toes
    And arms
    And every other part of my body I can haha

      1. Yep, crossing all…

        Tbh, I was a little worried about how you’d take Claflin’s casting if the rumor is true. But you are def. chin up and great attitude about it. Personally, I think we’d be lucky to get him for Finnick, and I’m thankful the studio cares about things like, oh, I dunno, ACTING ABILITY that so much of the HG fandom just seems to ignore.

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