Sittin’, and Hopin’, and Plannin’, and Waitin’

I think we’ve all become kind of used to the arduous game of waiting, some are seemingly new at it, others it’s just old-hat. I’m speaking of course of the waiting game on anything released from The Powers That Be, AKA Lionsgate, about Catching Fire. Last week we remarkably got the somewhat unsurprising confirmation of Mockingjay being split into two, but no other news on Catching Fire other than Plutarch being officially cast, now the well of news has dried up in any official capacity, and we’re stuck sitting around twiddling our thumbs, and then scrambling when some gossip site decides to drop Finnick casting rumors on us like a fat, greasy bully that smells like Doritos. But lemme ask this, why’s it always have to be Finnick news and/or rumors? I for one would love to hear even unsubstantiated rumors about possible Beetee’s, or Wiress’, even a little Chaff spillings here or there would tickle my fancy, and not to mention get me off this roller coaster called The Finnick-Express-To-Oh-My-God-Why-They-Talking-To-Him!? I can’t be alone on this, can I?

Look, I love that we got Philip Seymour Hoffman on the roster to play Plutarch, it’s probably the best news since Woody Harrelson was cast as Haymitch. Oooh, just had a little vision of Harrelson and Hoffman interacting in scenes from Mockingjay, they are going to have the best time, and we will have the best time watching like the little voyeurs we don’t aim to be, but kind of are. Anyway, loving the potential dynamic of those two exceptionally talented men-folk, but really Plutarch in the grand scheme of things doesn’t even come close to the level of anticipation other character castings have behind them. Johanna for instance, while Jena Malone is pretty much considered in the bag on that one, Johanna’s casting by far has always been one of the most contentious, heatedly debated, and basically bitched over since before The Hunger Games was even officially cast its self. And then there’s Beetee, who many people would like to be cast with an actor who is a person of color (Asian in his case). Me? Well, I’ve had my own ideas for a good long time, but I doubt they’ll even consider them. And, where’s the love for Mags, Chaff, or even dentally challenged Enobaria? True they’re not as glamorous as Finnick, certainly don’t fill out a gold-net knotted at the hip like he potentially will– but people love them too, or hate them– okay we tolerate Enobaria.

They have over 20 characters to cast, not including Plutarch, and the purported production schedule is creeping up in about ten weeks. That’s not a lot of time to find these people, train them to throw axes, spears, tridents, knives, and any number of other weaponry, not including guns.

It’s a daunting task, that for some sick reason I think I would have the best time participating in– the casting, not the training. 

Them There Eyes

P.S. You get mucho points if you know the name of the character at the top of the page, and the significance of his name.



  1. While I agree that the other characters need some love, Finnick is the only new character added in next two books who will take us on a complete pinball ride of emotions: sensuality, hope, heart-breaking story, hidden love, trust, admiration, fragility, bravery, heights of romance, depths of grief. He is critical to the success of next three movies. You know it and I know it!

    1. Finnick is my second favorite character after Peeta, and all I’m saying is that it would be nice if the media we so sadly depend on would report on other characters possible castings, it has nothing to do with the arc of Finnick’s character or the significance of him to the story, just the desire to not ONLY hear about twenty-something-actor-number-13-who’s-currently-on-tv-playing-a-teenager being “in talks” or “had an audition” or “wants the role”, every 20 minutes it feels like.

  2. First off, can I say, I loved that you put Tic-Toc from Return to Oz on this post? That is one of my favorite movies and a must on Halloween. Even though we’re in our 20s and 30s, my brothers and I still jokingly tease each other with creepy calls of “Dorothy Gale!” Okay.. Sorry… I agree with your post entirely. Yes, Finnick will be interesting and a sexy bit of news, but I think the others will be just as interesting.

  3. Oh, and the significance of his name is obviously, “Tic-toc, this is a clock.” what Wiress says to help them figure out the arena.

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