It’s Just An Audition

When Grant Gustin confirmed that he has auditioned for the much coveted role of Finnick Odair, the fandom went nuts. From reading my Twitter page, it was as if we were in an official state of panic.

But I honed in on an interesting observation from Mr. Gustin: “I don’t think [the producers] know what they’re looking for just yet.”

So before you grab a paper bag to breathe into, let me ease your worried little heads.

It sounds like those casting Catching Fire are seeing pretty much everyone submitted for the role that more or less fits the general description. Remember when Katniss was being cast? They saw dozens and dozens of actresses, many of whom don’t even look like or have similar resumes to Jennifer Lawrence.

If you don’t quite know the type of actor you’re looking for, the thing to do is basically see everyone, that way you know what you don’t want. It’s much easier to eliminate first before picking and choosing. That’s, you know, why there’s an audition process. And while he’s not a very popular choice for Finnick in this corner of the interwebz, he is in others, and Lionsgate has a history of letting popular fancasts have a shot at auditioning at the very least for the franchise.

You should listen to me, I watch Smash

And he said “audition”. I did not even get a whiff of “call back” or “screen test” or anything else where it sounds more serious.

So again, I wouldn’t be worried about this news, or any other actor you deem isn’t quite right for the role, saying they’ve auditioned. If anything, be grateful Lionsgate is entertaining a variety of actors. It’s a step closer for them in figuring out who they want.

If he’s not right for it they’ll see it


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