Are The Hunger Games Characters Crushable?

We hate to steal a question that Victoria’s Secret asks on a regular basis, but.. What is sexy?

YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney 2012 The Hunger Games

Check out the tourney here!

The YA Sisterhood, a fantastic book blog for those of you who dig young adult reads, has started voting for their 2nd Annual Crush Tourney. Among the prestigious list are three characters from The Hunger Games: Peeta, Finnick, and Gale (Numbers 6, 12, and 28, respectively, in a pool of 32 nominees).

Finnick goes up against Kaiden from Sweet Evil while Gale gets some heavy competition from Jem from The Infernal Devices TOMORROW. Meanwhile, Peeta is up against Lucas from Starcrossed on Monday, July 23.

We know the contest is just meant to be a boatload of fun, but it’s got us thinking… Are these characters really crushable?

First off, let’s differentiate lovable and crushable. These characters are without a doubt lovable. They’re loyal friends, kind supporters, fierce defenders, and just about everything else you’d want in a partner, personality-wise. Crushing on someone has more to do with your urge to rip their pants off, possibly with your teeth.

Finnick Odair Alice X Zhang Tumblr

A hottie, but also a slave to a corrupt government

We find the men from The Hunger Games deep, compelling, and emotionally stirring, but we’ve never experienced the overwhelming urge to jump their bones (if, you know, they were real people… because wanting to jump the bones of any fictional character would just be weird, right?) Even Finnick, this muscular god of the sea, doesn’t make us get all hot and bothered once we consider his rich but horrendous backstory and his commitment to his one true love, who is sadly not us. Peeta is so kind-hearted that we’d basically do anything for him, with perhaps the exception of sexytimes. Some days we struggle with liking Gale as a person, and since we’re not masochists, we’re really not looking to get into that kind of relationship.

The characters in The Hunger Games are all amazing. Obviously, we’re attached to them. We cheer when they find love. We weep when they die. But we don’t picture ourselves with them.

Are we crazy? Immune? Defunct? Or are The Hunger Games characters so aptly characterized that we think of them as amazing action stars rather than man meat, especially considering that they’re never portrayed in sexual situations? And is that a bad thing?

Or are we totally off base? Are these characters crush worthy because there’s more to the than innate sexiness? Do their good deeds and winning personalities make you want to rip their pants off, possibly with your teeth? (We don’t know why we keep saying that. It just makes us happy.)

You can have them bimbos
I’ll keep my Finnick like Flo Jo,
The Girl With The Pearl

*** If you’re reading this between 12am and 11:59pm EST on July 13 and you’re thinking about voting for Finnick or Gale, GO HERE to do so! You can also follow the voting on Twitter with the hashtag #YACrushTourney***



  1. I think Finnick is probably the most “crushable” at the start but as soon as you learn that a) he is completely and 100% devoted to Annie and b) he’s had a pretty messed up past (and especially considering his mistreatment was of a sexual nature anyway), he kind of loses that “i want to rip your pants off” thing hahaha. And Peeta is just so sweet and not really the traditional definition of “sexy” plus Gale has a lot of issues, so yeah, I think THG doesn’t really tick that box hahah. I think Jace (from TMI) would win that battle personally XD

    1. Agreed! In the beginning, Finnick seems to have that crushable vibe to him, though honestly Cocky!Finnick from when he was putting on a front wasn’t all that attractive to me. I wanted me slap him just a little. He was more attractive once you got his backstory, but not in a sexy way!

      Funny you should mention Jace from TMI, as he won the Crush Tourney last year! I don’t know if he’d be my first choice though. He’s a little too brooding for my liking.

  2. True story, I had Color Me Badd, I Wanna Sex You Up playing in my head whilst reading this. And, no… I do not want to rip any of these characters pants of with my teeth. Now, the actors who play them, possibly under very extreme circumstances, whole other article, right?

    1. Now I have had that song stuck in my head for a day!

      And yes, the actors who play them are a wholeeeee other story! I tell you, if we don’t get a talented, attractive, age-appropriate Finnick that I can swoon over without feeling like I may be crossing a line, I’ll lose my freaking mind! … I make myself sound much older by saying that, but Josh is 5 years younger than me and every time I think of him as attractive, I feel a little dirty.

  3. Haha, I love this article! (I’m definitely putting it under one of my favorite articles from VV)

    I always get a little creeped out when people say that they want to marry a fictional character (they’re serious about it, too!) and that they want to “rip their pants off with their teeth”. We’ve grown so close to The Hunger Games’ characters that they don’t feel like they’re fictional anymore. I feel like I can just phone Katniss and ask her how things are, or go over to Peeta’s house and watch him bake. But if you REALLY think about what “obsessing over a fictional character and wanting to get with them” truly is… basically you’re wanting to make-out with a part of a person’s mind, or in this case, Suzanne’s mind. It’s weird to think that someone created these characters and there are tons of fangirls matching themselves with them, and arguing over who is sexier.

    What I was trying to work into the previous paragraph is this: I think that, especially in The Hunger Games’ case, whenever a movie is adapted from a series and you can put a definite face to a character, people can get confused between “obsessing over a character” and “obsessing over an actor who plays a character”. Some people say, “OMG! Peeta is soooo hawt!” and I really don’t know if they are referring to Josh or Peeta (I never considered “Peeta” to be the hot type anyway).

    Finnick is my favorite character and I love him to death (I just had to pick THAT phrase?!), but I would never match myself with him. Never. Nor do I think he is the sexy type (maybe other characters could think of him that way, but as a reader, I just can’t). Like you said, I don’t think any of The Hunger Games characters can be described as “sexy”. They are just real people, with troubling pasts, that have other things to worry about besides hooking up with somebody.

    Now I’m just rambling. I’m going to quit before I say something regrettable.

    1. There are definitely some fictional characters that have some really attractive qualities, but swooning over those qualities to the point where you’re acting like this person EXISTS and you want to be with them in any way possible always creeps me out! The YA Crush Tourney isn’t that bad by any means, of course.

      I’ve said things like “There needs to be more guys in the world like (Character X)”, but I never meant that the character needs to exists, just that they had some sweet characteristics that I wish could be found in more actual human beings!

      I love your “wanting to make out with a piece of someone’s mind” logic LOL! Guess it’s just proving that intelligence is sexy, in a really twisted way?

  4. I think Peeta is very crush worthy I mean maybe not in the rip his pants off way but definitely in a his soooooo dreamy and gorgeous way (I mean have u seen josh Hutcherson?)
    Can’t really say the same for finnick or gale though cause I hate gale and never really had a thing for finnick I always just thought of him as katnisses friend
    But I guess it depends who you ask I mean I never really understood the whole I’m in love with a sparkly vampire who wants to suck my blood thing in fact I refuse to even read twilight

    1. But we’re talking about the CHARACTER of Peeta. The one in the books, not Josh the ACTOR who portrays him in the movie. Before the movie was cast, we never thought of Peeta as a character we want to hop into bed with. Never judge a character by its actor!

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