Trending the Night Away

Today was a rather lack-luster day where it comes to actual Hunger Games related news. What can I say, this week so far has spoiled us rotten, what with getting the Philip Seymour Hoffman news Monday, and then Tuesday learning that Mockingjay is officially going to be split into two films. Personally, I already thought that the Mockingjay news was old news, like a year old, and pretty much gospel for this here fandom, but I guess I was wrong. So, unfortunately my reaction was a little, well… meh. Also, you’re not going to see me debate where they’re likely going to split the story in two (when Peeta chokes a bitch. Fade to black.), or if splitting it is just a ploy to make more money (it’s not… entirely, the story deserves more than an hour and forty minutes. Also what the fuck is wrong with more Finnick, people!? Stop being Negative Nancies!), and that’s all she wrote! Okay, maybe it’s not.

While today may have been a day where watching tumbleweeds go by may have possibly seemed more enticing than constantly refreshing Twitter, or the Catching Fire casting page, just to see if anything new popped up magically (so magical). Nope, today I attempted to make my own fandom news. Yep, I tried to attack the trending board on Twitter with my (what feels like years), long passion for attempting to get Armie Hammer noticed for the role of Finnick. I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now, and

Who can deny that dog’s star quality!?

possibly saying “just give it up, girl!” But, um– I only listen to myself when I know things are hopeless, and I’ll never think the idea of casting Armie is hopeless until I literally see or hear otherwise from his representation, or I am hit in the face by Armie himself (somehow doubt he’d ever hit me though), whilst he yells at me repeatedly to “leave it alone, for god’s sake!” I’m not delusional, believe you me– I’m wholly aware of the chances, and what he has staked against him, which may actually include himself, the studio, scheduling, and quite possibly even his dog. Okay, the dog probably has nothing to do with anything, except perhaps sleep depriving him and his wife by waking them up at 3 am, ’cause he’s got to take a piss, but what of it– that dog is super cute anyway. Honestly, sometimes I think I like his dog more than Armie, and the dog can’t even talk.

Where was I? Oh, yes! So today I took it upon myself to abate/alleviate my casting boredom, and somehow got probably a few hundred people to tweet #ArmieHammer, #Armie4Finnick, and #FarmieOhammer from 3 pm PST to about 4 pm PST. Sadly, it didn’t work, it was a long shot for sure– but it was worth a try. Also, Mitt Romney did something kind of annoying today, so the world was bitching about that, and it gobbled up the board like a bunch of rabid teeny-boppers screaming about Bieber’s ass. Anyway, I only gave people about an hours notice of this feat we were attempting, so now I’m going to continue to stand on my soap-box and implore people to join us tomorrow July 12th, 2012 at 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, and 1 am GMT, to try and get that silly, tall, talented, and handsome man on the trending board using probably the hashtag, #Armie4Finnick, or just #ArmieHammer.  Also, if you suck at converting time zones, here’s a useful tool for the international, or math disinclined. But anyway, just think, if he trends Thursday, and he does end up being cast later this month– it’ll be like we were psychic or something.

Long shot or not, it’s July, and do we really have anything better to do? Don’t answer that. Stepping off my soap-box now.

Them There Eyes



  1. If you stick to one TT, it’s more likely it’ll actually end up trending. 3 different TTs makes it less likely to trend.

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