Back when I was a teenager, y’know when flying cars were totally going to happen in 15 years, and dial-up was pretty much the only form of Internet access, there was this film that came out called Fight Club. You may have heard of it, but if you haven’t, don’t worry I won’t give away the plot, but I will say this– I think the rules invented, and spouted off by one of the lead characters played by none other than Brad Pitt, fit like a perfectly crafted cashmere sweater, the v-neck kind that are meant to hug the body not swamp it, anyway the rules fit the people who want to be part of The Hunger Games family. And those rules are right there in that picture, just click it to make it bigger if you can’t see, but if you can see them plainly, I think you might agree with me on what I’m about to say. Talking about wanting to be part of The Hunger Games is the kiss of death. Think about it, nearly every actor or actress who has expressed in some form or another, that they’d love to play such and such a character, and that “it would be so cool to be part of that project,” and blah blah blah– NONE of these people have had their wish granted. Read me correctly, NONE.

Okay, okay– maybe people like, say, Jena Malone has put vague messages on her Instagram, but she never said to Perez Hilton, or went on Twitter and tweeted “I’d love to play Johanna!” She doesn’t even have a Twitter, and I somehow doubt she’d give Perez Hilton the time of day, unlike one poor, blond, champion skier, who has an alarming resemblance to a molded plastic doll I used to try to rip the head off of, but never could (it was stuck on there really tight, guys). Then, of course, there’s Kristen Bell whom many people have taken issue with where it comes to her expressed desire to portray Johanna Mason. And then, I have to bring them up, but Lucas Till, and Hunter Parrish may have signed their own death warrants where it comes to securing a role. Why? Because they both spoke to the media before the final decision was made in last years casting of Peeta, and now Parrish has gone and done the same thing where it comes to Finnick Odair. Only time will tell if Parrish may have jinxed himself again! Till, however hasn’t said a peep, and who’s to know if those gossip rags that have sadly been feeding our Hunger Games info-stream as of late, even have legit information. So, there’s also really no way of knowing if the rumor that Till auditioned for Finnick was even true. If you didn’t know that Till allegedly has auditioned, there ya’ go… have fun with that, hope it doesn’t make you want to throw things, or smash things… whichever. Gotta say it, kind of hope it’s not true, ’cause he’s screamingly not Finnick material in my eyes at all.

I don’t know what’s going through these people’s minds, but I really think they need to rip a page out of Tyler Durden’s rule book (Brad Pitt’s character from Fight Club— do I really have to explain this? Really?), but just change a few words. And those words would be, “the first rule of The Hunger Games franchise is, if you want to be part of The Hunger Games franchise, don’t talk about wanting to be part of The Hunger Games franchise.”

                    Rinse and repeat, or you may end up looking like this guy.



  1. This is so true! And while Jena did post a couple of things on Instagram, it was clearly AFTER she auditioned — or at least had met with the powers that be. Some of these people have been talking about wanting to play X or Y role for over a year now!

    1. I know! Naya tweeted that she wanted to play Johanna last year right after she finished the books, and she’s also been vocal in the media about wanting the part. Kristen Bell has been vocal about Johanna for years it seems, Mr. Donovan– I don’t even want to talk about him, Till spoke to The Hob, Parrish to a few people. Basically anyone who has even expressed a desire to be part of this franchise has not been deemed worthy to be part of this franchise. I even remember last year during the Oscar’s red carpet, Jen was doing the press line with her mom, and some reporter asked what they were both reading lately… and her mom said “The Hunger Games”, and Jen just looked mortified, like “mooooom, don’t talk about that, you’re going to jinx me!”

  2. I totally NOT want to play any characters in the movies. Definitely NOT because I want to meet Jennifer Lawrence. No way. Pretty please…

    Anyways, I hope this does not include magazines gossiping on you. You know, for Finnick’s sake.

    1. It doesn’t, because you-know-who hasn’t said a thing to anyone, and neither has that other guy who’s also really popular, or that other guy I wrote about the other day. Nope, not a word, which are all good things. My POV is, if they don’t say anything to anyone, especially the media, they’re considered more serious to the people who actually do matter in movie making matters. The response to my open letter doesn’t count either, because the media never got wind, and they never will most likely.

      1. Now if he doesn’t get it it’s totally your fault for that open letter! Haha. Anyways, the 500 days mark is nearly here (well it’s here where I live, but it’s pretty late in the US so a few hours left) – let’s see if your theory was right! Fingers crossed.

  3. This has happened before. Years ago a certain Dawson’s Creek actor began boasting he had virtually scored the role of the adult Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels. Word is George Lucas was so annoyed, he dropped him and recast the role.
    However, in the case of the Hunger Games, the motives of the actors are probably more self serving. If they were not asked to audition or rejected outright, it’s still good publicity to suggest interest in being involved in the franchise.

    1. Was it The Beek or was it Jackson? Publicity or not, I think they’re jinxing them selves, and 9 times out of ten those who express that they want to be part of the series get major backlash from the fans, i.e. Kristen Bell.

  4. I find it distasteful when actors talk about how much they want to be a character, which was why I didn’t like Kristen Bell and one other Finnick wannabe (I forgot his name).
    It’s different, somehow, when an actor like Elizabeth Banks promotes herself with Gary Ross, but we don’t hear about it until she’s cast.

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