You Tried

Sorry, buddy, you’re not from District 4 after all.

Phew! We’ve sidestepped one pedestal mine.

Today, it was reported that, while he was in talks for Finnick Odair, actor Trevor Donovan (aka Perez Hilton’s golden boy) will not be playing him.

This tells us two things.

1) They’re narrowing things down. Remember the whole “technically everyone is up for Finnick unless told otherwise” pearl of wisdom from DWTC’s Shylah Addante? Well, we’re starting to be told otherwise by people who actually were in the running. And the more they narrow it down, the closer we get to the announcement that will surely break the internet.

2) We can see the types of actors that aren’t making the cut.

As much as I love that Trevor Donovan is a huge Hunger Games fan and I commend him for his enthusiasm, I’m pretty relieved. He wasn’t Them There Eyes’s choice, and I’ve got to agree with her on that. Take a look at the actors that have already been chosen for Catching Fire, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jena Malone. Actually, take a look at their IMDb pages. Both have done quality work and their resumes show range. No one can doubt they’re not experienced actors.

Lionsgate is of course upping the ante for Catching Fire. They know they’ve got a hit with this franchise, and actors are begging them for roles in the series even more so. They must be even choosier, and I would’ve been very surprised if an actor primarily on soap operas (let’s be real, it may be on at night but 90210 is one) made the cut. The fans won’t shut up about it: we want a good actor. Finnick has to be good looking, yes, but when Mockingjay rolls around, whoever plays him has to deliver. Contrary to popular belief, Finnick doesn’t just stand around looking pretty.

So we’re hoping Lionsgate continues on with this trend of going for critically-acclaimed actors. We’re 2 for 2 here, don’t let us down!

And Trevor Donovan, we offer you a condolence five. No one can say you didn’t try.

Up top.

Do you want a sticker?



  1. I want a sticker! I can’t express how relieved I am that they are in fact, as of this week, officially not going for actors whose claims to fame are night time soaps, and day time soaps. He tried, but he’s only Finnick in certain corners of the Internets.

    1. Just because he´s out of the running, it doesn´t mean other actors with a similar resume are still being considered for the role. Until Lionsgate releases official statements, everyone is in the running for Finnick, except for Trevor. That includes that guy who played Aquaman in Smallville, and one of the actors in Teen wolf (wtf!?). I´m still crossing my fingers a good actor gets cast. as for jena malone, i´m biting my nails like crazy because she´s such a good choice for johanna, compared to the teenage model reported as the frontrunner, i really hope she´s indeed been offered the role.

  2. Trevor Donovan would of been perfect, he’s hot charming and passionate. I’m sure he knows Finnick character inside out

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