Last week, a girl passed out on Jennifer Lawrence’s front lawn. Jennifer being the good person she is went to her aid along with other passers-by.

And of course this was all very well documented by the paparazzi.

While the girl ended up being fine enough to not need to go to the hospital, no one could’ve known that. And yet we have all these pictures of it because Jennifer is the new It Girl, and of course paparazzi must camp outside at her apartment complex on the off chance she wants to see a little sunlight.

Yes, she knew what she was getting into when she decided to take on the high profile role of Katniss Everdeen. Impending lack of privacy is what almost kept Jennifer from not taking the job in the first place. But it’s more than annoying to see this all in action. 

I know this is how it is for celebrities, but I just wish people could leave her alone. She gives the media enough gems when she’s on the job with memorable interviews and stunning photos. Do we really need to see her just taking her dog for a walk?

And I may be a little bit against the paparazzi because I live in LA and have happened to have encountered my fair share of douchey paps just trying to get the shot. I’ve more than once had to stop my car because one ran out in the middle of the street to photograph someone, and just Friday I was blinded by a flash going off while I drove down Sunset Blvd. But seeing photos of Jennifer looking visibly annoyed because she’s trying to have lunch with her friends or is just grabbing a coffee from Whole Foods makes me hate them even more. 

And these pictures being all over the internet doesn’t make me very happy either.

Smile real wide for the-



  1. Yep, it gets a bit tiring.

    It’s like, they are documenting every fucking day in her life through photos. She takes humourosly enough, making funny faces at paparazzi sometimes… but really, I’m sure it won’t take too long till she gets too tired and can’t handle it anymore. She’s a human being, damn.

    Even in Paris (I know it because of the alerts to Jennifer Lawrence and some fan pages which report those news) there are paparazzis hunting her. Damn paparazzis, poor Jennifer.

  2. There was a comment about how Jennifer may have acted because she knew there were paparazzis, and while it’s nonsense in the way that of course she probably would’ve tried to help anyway, because that’s what people do when someone passes out on their front lawn, think about it: the thought that she is being watched most certainly went through her mind. And it’s scary. To think how a small misstep could mean a front cover in some magazine which could ultimately affect your career (publicity can influence just as much – if not even more – the number of roles an actor gets offered as talent). I don’t know about you, but I’m not at all surprised that we don’t see, as we call it, “real people” in Hollywood. The HAVE TO play roles to some point. Of course they also use it to their advantage, that is what this whole business is about. The only thing scarier than that is that we are the ones who cause it. Our obsession to observe these people. But it’s like quantum mechanics: by observing we change and influence the whole scenario. And this goes to each and every celebrity.
    I gotta say though, from what I see, Jennifer takes it all pretty well so far. She knew what she signed up for, she understands how it all works. I think maybe part of the reason why many people respond so strongly to the invasion of her privacy, is because they see that, and because her honesty about it makes her situation somehow relatable, even when it’s clearly not for someone outside of this world.

  3. I remember MTV held this big event here, the paps were literally pushing me out of the way to see the Jersey Shore cast. What twats. I understand it’s their job to get a good shot but Jesus Mary and the donkey, why does ‘the shot’ have to be of a celebrity in their homes? It’s kinda sad because Jen doesn’t act like a celebrity and although she takes photographers well, I feel so sorry for her. She should have time to relax in her PRIVATE time. She goes to public events for a reason, and paparazzi are invited for a reason. Sleazy little so-and-sos.

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