Rumor Has It

As a fansite runner, it’s hard to just brush off news about The Hunger Games. You want to be informed about what everyone is talking about.

But lately, I must confess. I’ve just been straight up ignoring casting news and articles.


Because one day we’ll get some “So and so is the frontrunner for a role in Catching Fire” article and the next day it will be debunked, or worse, just forgotten. No really, one day it’s Catalina Sandino Moreno as Johanna, I leave to go on vacation, come back, and it’s Mia Wasikowska (who has since said she isn’t in the running), and I haven’t heard anything else about Catalina. Not saying she isn’t in the running anymore or ever was, but it’s slipped from the media’s consciousness.

So what’s my point?

Nothing is credible.

Correction: Nothing is credible… unless it’s confirmed by Lionsgate.

As we saw from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s offer to play Plutarch (remember the offer is confirmed, whether he has accepted is still up in the air), Lionsgate is confirming news, even though the lack of confirmed news is driving us crazy. We know that media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter are pretty reliable. Jim Bob’s Movie News*, though, not so much. Even some “established” media outlets like E! and Entertainment Weekly aren’t always as reliable as you would think.

The thing about posting and reporting rumors is that it’s okay to do it as long as they don’t say it’s official news. So their “source” could very well be the valet guy at the Four Seasons who overheard someone’s agent’s assistant trying to get their client an audition. You never know. And any article regarding Catching Fire and casting, no matter how bogus, gets tons of hits and comments. It only benefits media outlets to post rumor articles, it doesn’t matter if they’re even close to being true.

And watch out when the more reliable news sites pick up on unreliable news and just roll with it. It happens a lot. Several years ago, a small group of fans of a band I listen to strategically spread a rumor to see if it got picked up by anyone credible, and it did not take long to become a story on Yahoo! News, finally reaching the band themselves and forcing them to comment on it. The next day, it was revealed that they had intentionally spread the rumor as an experiment. You know. For the “lulz”. If a group of 5 16-to-21 year-olds could impact the headlines on Yahoo! for a joke, then you can imagine how things are with Catching Fire casting rumors.

So unless it says “official” or “confirmed” in the title, I ignore it, and it’s made me a less stressed fan.

As said on tonight’s HG Fireside Chateveryone is technically in the running for a spot in Catching Fire unless they say otherwise. Let’s just leave it at that.

Rumor has it she ain’t in the runnin’ anymore

*Not a real site, I swear



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