Two Princes

This is going to come as a big, giant, flashing ball of shocking news to you all, but I am fully on board with the idea of Sam Claflin getting the role of Finnick Odair. No, I am in no way shape or form jumping off the Armie Hammer train, ’cause frankly if I jumped off that speeding train of madness, I’d probably break both my ankles, and my heart in the process. However, I am a realistic person, and I know I have to prepare myself for the possibility that Armie will not be cast, he may not even audition for the role. But, according to rumors Sam has auditioned, and that puts him one step closer to being cast than Armie, unless of course he has auditioned and it’s amazingly flown under all those little media weasels noses (a feat in and of its self, really). Therefore, part of my hopes and desires are being put on poor, handsome, talented, 5’11, 25 year-old (he’ll be 26 on the 27th of this month, I looked it up— not stalking!), Sam Claflin. Pick your jaws off the floor, please, it isn’t classy.

I’ve seen Sam’s work, not the new Snow White (anyone else think it’s weird that I’m semi replacing one “Prince Charming” for another, let alone that two of the supposed top contenders for the role both played Snow White’s prince?), but everything else, including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (don’t make me watch it again, not even Depp could save that one), Pillars of the Earth, Every Human Heart, United, and White Heat. And, I know he’s more than capable of taking on every aspect the role of Finnick requires. This includes the emotional fortitude to portray someone who puts on a façade of charm, and sexuality to get through life, but underneath it all he’s just a really emotionally fucked up kid in a man suit. Finnick, think about it, his biggest life trauma happened at the age of 14, therefore Finnick is perpetually 14, not to be confused with him actually being 14, because I have seen an influx out there in the ethers making noise about their unfounded belief that Finnick should be portrayed by the dejour tween heart-throb number 5 or 62, whatever. I don’t think Sam could pass for 14 even when he was 15, but that’s just a guess. I don’t know, ask his buddies from Ipswich, which is where he’s from– or ask him, he has a Twitter account that he actively uses.

Look, for me it’s always come down to talent, not just the look (this goes for all characters who have been cast, and are going to be as well), and I know without a doubt that Sam has that talent, not only in his acting skills, but his press skills as well, which is extremely important to have with a franchise like this one. Truth be told, one of the main things that’s always bothered me about one the other top fan-casts for Finnick, is his lack of ability to do press well. Frankly, if you’re reading between the lines, you know who I am talking about, and you know comparatively to the other people who are already part of The Hunger Games family, his press personality is not up to snuff with them— and if you really think about it, his dossier is not up to the caliber of even Sam’s, who’s only done two feature films so far. I mean, hello the older version of one of his characters was played by Jim Broadbent (Every Human Heart), and he won a BAFTA for said role, they don’t just hand those things out to every old man who walks in the bloody room. Watch the mini series, guys– you won’t be sorry, Darcy’s in it too– as in Matthew Macfadyen. Google’s your friend if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

That being said, Sam may not have awards under his belt, but the pieces he’s been in have acclaim and awards to their names, and everyone should know that Every Human Heart, and Pillars of the Earth (wow, Macfadyen’s in that too!) would be nothing without the people who were cast, including Sam as demanding, loyal, and brave Richard, and Sam as young, naive, idealistic, and romantic Logan. Oh, also– I think having a degree from LAMDA puts him a foot above a lot of the people who may be, may have, or are gracing the casting offices the production team of Catching Fire are occupying.

What can I say, I’m a drama school snob? Let’s dance around to some classic ’90s alternative rock, shall we?

Them There Eyes



  1. I like Sam!!!! I don’t mind him as Finnick too!!! The points you have mentioned proves it 😉
    Haha! Its funny how both Armie and Sam have already battled out as the two Princes!!!
    I am really excited to see the new Snow White film, and Armie in Mirror Mirror is cute and it does ring Finnick in my mind hehe!

    If its not Armie, Sam is it!!!

  2. I must say, your timing on this post is hilariously ironic… I walked out of SWATH literally 1 hour ago, and the first thing I said to my sister was HE WOULD BE AN AMAZING FINNICK! He’s got talent in spades and is absolutely gorgeous, not really what I pictured as Finnick but it doesn’t even matter. Him or Armie or Garrett, I would die of happiness if any of them were cast.

    Also, I know what you mean about Garrett’s press skills and I understand why it’s important. But at the end of the day, I would rather see the person that can best bring Finnick’s character to life onscreen be cast, and if Francis and Lionsgate think that’s Garrett, I really don’t think his press talents matter THAT much. The fact that he isn’t as charming in person doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be charming when he’s in character, onscreen. I guess what I’m saying is that yes press skills are important, and if you have an actor who is good at it then it’s a DEFINITE bonus, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

    Love the blog by the way, your posts never fail to put a smile on my face 🙂

    1. No, not a deciding factor, but a factor none the less. Actors are no longer hired solely for their ability to act on set, they have to be a whole package. If Garrett is the man they want as Finnick, I hope to god he gets to press training before the deluge of press starts up next Fall. Sam, and Armie however already know how to do press well, and they’re incredible actors, so in my overly puffed up opinion they’re superior choices for the role. Blah, blah, blah!

  3. Fancasting is so hard because 98% of them never come true. I love Armie but agree that it’s good to at least accept the possibility of other options. Sam definitely looks the part and has some acting prowess, which is what almost all the other Finnick fancasts are missing! I shall add him to my list of acceptable actors suggested for Finnick thusfar (which is now 3 people – Sam, Armie, and Garrett Hedlund).

    And he’s from Ipswich, you say?! *runs off to stalk*

    1. Why am I replying to this so late!? Ugh, anyway, Sam’s my second choice… Armie is my second. Sam doesn’t live in Ipswich anymore though, sadly… he’s in London. Sorry to change your stalking plans. 😦

  4. Massive thumbs up on the Spin Doctors ref. So perfect and I’m glad there’s at least one other fan (you) who thought of that song for this post. I don’t feel quite so old now. 🙂

  5. Perfect timing to mention this. I saw United last night and I thought he was a) a pretty good actor, given the movie and b) pretty dreamy (although my husband looked at me like I was crazy). I’d be interested in this option if Armie doesn’t work out…

    1. I loved United, stellar cast… huge DT fan, amazed at his ever present ability to do regional accents from all over the UK,. And Sam, Sam was endearing, I wish his character could have stuck around longer, y’know. You should watch White Heat if you’re a Sam fan, he’s quite something really.

  6. I read this when it was first posted and thought how brilliant the points where you made and thought I’d comment now that we may indeed get sam for finnick. Although I’m on the Armie 4 finnick train , I’d be perfectly happy with Sam as Finnick , he’s a brilliant actor , actually looks old enough to play the part (unlike some of the fan castings , I swear some people seem to think that a 24 year old in fact looks like a 16 year old) and personally I find him attractive.I’m actually dreading when they release the official casting for Finnick , there are so many people in this fandom who act like their fan casting is the only person who could play finnick and anyone else will be terrible for the part , it’s so nice to see someone actually keeping an open mind.

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