Our Last Ditch Effort — An Open Letter to Francis Lawrence

If you listen to Savanna New and Adam Spunbergs’ weekly podcast, The HG Fireside Chat, you know that I am a semi regular panelist, as are Twiffidy and The Girl With the Pearl. Last night it was my turn on the show, and I announced that Shylah from Down With the Capitol and I have jointly authored a letter to Francis Lawrence about the almost all encompassing desire a large portion of The Hunger Games fandom has for Armie Hammer being cast in the role of Finnick Odair. We decided to write the letter, which you can read below, because we’d heard back from Armie’s wife that while there are many factors going into him considering the role, scheduling is the biggest one. The only person who can sway Armie at this point now is Francis Lawrence we decided. So, please if you support the idea of Armie portraying Finnick, write a comment below as this letter will hopefully be seen by him as we’re sending it off to his representation. Read on!

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Hi there. You don’t know us, and we don’t know you-  which is kind of awkward since we’re going to be in a long term relationship for the next eighteen months or so while you direct Catching Fire. See, we just got out of a really intense year long affair with another director, one who brought us Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson, and Donald Sutherland- not to mention three dozen other parts that were damn near impeccably cast. All joking aside: In most franchises casting would be just about done once you hit the second film; unfortunately for you, Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins killed three quarters of the characters in the first film. So here you are, casting another two dozen plus roles.

Rumor has it you’re off to a good start.

If the rumblings that you’re courting Philip Seymour Hoffman are to be believed (and, trust us, our little fan-girl hearts are all a flutter at this news); then you’re taking the casting process for Catching Fire just as seriously as we were all hoping you would. To get such an incredible actor for a role that, at least in the book, wasn’t very substantial is absolutely fantastic. We hope he accepts.

But we need to talk to you about Finnick, and we’ve got a lot to say on the matter, so please bear with us for a couple of pages.

We know you know who Finnick is. We know you know all about his tragic past: the horrors of his Hunger Games, the forced prostitution at the hands of the Capitol, his incredibly sweet and gentle relationship with Annie Cresta. We know you’ve got that down, and that all signs are pointing toward you making a well thought out casting choice based more on an actor’s talent and less on his abs.

We also know- or at least have heard- that you would like Armie Hammer in the role.

Made by Courtney of Welcome to District 12

Francis, we like Armie too. A lot. Honestly, for a significant amount of the Hunger Games community, Armie is the clear choice, the top choice even, for the role and not because of simply the way he looks, which is almost spot-on to the way Finnick was described in the books, but because of numerous factors: One almost cosmic one being that he has a skilled hobby of tying knots just like Finnick. When most Hunger Games fans who are interested in the casting of Finnick find out that Armie has this skill, most jump on the Armie for Finnick train, because this is a skill not many people are going to come to the table with, and he comes with it, and he enjoys it. And then of course there’s the range and depth of his acting abilities which he’s already displayed in his previous work. Not only his work, actually but as himself. We know performance is key, acting ability is key, but there’s one other thing that’s key from many people’s points of views: the ability to do press, and do it well.

Armie’s incredible in interviews, this is another reason why people have gotten on the Armie for Finnick train, ‘cause as himself he’s charming, he’s intelligent, he’s funny, engaging, and attentive. There’s no doubt that Catching Fire is going to be one of the biggest films to drop November, 2013– and the thing that always goes with big movies is an insane amount of press. Armie’s your man in that category, because for the many interviews done during  previous press junkets he’s participated in, he never lets up, he never seems bored, tired, annoyed, frustrated, or fed up. We know, and you know that being able to put on a good performance on set is not where the job ends, the job ends when the people who have never heard of the film see the actors promoting it on TV, in magazines, on the radio, and see something they like, hear it, whatever– but those mad bouts of press are a huge part of the job, and Armie’s really, really good at all aspects.

Made by Rebekah aka Them There Eyes

Which now leads us to this fact: Armie is very aware of support he has from fans, and most fans are aware that Armie is aware, and everyone just wants to know that you are aware. If, like the rumors say, you’re in the same boat as us, trying to persuade Armie to pick up a trident and join the fun; then we NEED to work together.

As fans, we can’t do a whole lot to influence Hollywood. We know that. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t tried. There’s a Facebook group showering Armie with support, and it has over a thousand members, actually to date it has 1,377, which compared to other Facebook’s dedicated to an actor getting a role in a film is huge, and it’s growing everyday. Not only have we utilized Facebook to get Armie’s attention, but we’ve also written two open letters to him- that he’s definitely read. We’ve voted for him in online polls, photoshopped images of him holding tridents, and we’ve made enough noise for the mainstream media to stop suggesting people like Alex Pettyfer in the role, and start suggesting Armie instead. But, with all of the power of the Internet we can’t influence the Catching Fire schedule; and that is what appears to be holding Armie back from taking the role.

We can’t do much about any of this, but Francis, you can.

If you want Armie to play Finnick like we want Armie to play Finnick, we need you to fight for him. Fight for him like we’ll fight for you in the coming months when the media starts with the Catching Fire coverage, and they’re not going to be nice, we know this from experiencing the coverage of The Hunger Games. Casting Armie would be a giant vote of confidence toward your dedication to this franchise– and, truthfully, we’ve come to expect our director to fight for his vision. That’s how we got Jennifer Lawrence, that’s how we got Woody Harrelson, that’s how we avoided 3D. Because, for The Hunger Games, Gary Ross fought for what he knew the material and this franchise needed to succeed, and it succeeded in spades, surpassing the artistic expectations and the financial expectations so many people had for it.

We don’t mean to compare you to Gary Ross, but he’s the only director this on going project has had, and

now you’re the man in charge, and now we need you to fight for us, because you have weapons we could

only dream of. You have the phone numbers of people who matter, the clout in Hollywood, and the ability to actually speak with Armie about the role and why you NEED him for it- why we all NEED him for it. Believe us, if we were you and had the financial backing, we’d be on a plane to New Mexico, or Colorado, or Arizona, where ever Armie is shooting The Lone Ranger currently, and we’d do our damndest to convince him to consider this role. That is how serious we are, but we can’t do that. We can only imagine that you’d go that far, but we know people have done it in the past with other people, and other roles. Push comes to shove, it would make a great story at cocktail parties, especially if he says yes.

We don’t know where you are in the casting process, but it seems like no offers have been made yet for Finnick. If it’s true that you want Armie, don’t let him slip away. Don’t let scheduling dictate this cast. We don’t want just any Finnick, we want your Finnick– the actors who when you got this job initially and started brain-storming who you could see embodying the uncast characters, if one of those people was in fact Armie like it’s grown to be for so many people, anyone less than that is not enough for this franchise. We know Nina Jacobson has stated to the LA Times that listening to the fans is all well and good, but you also have to ignore our ideas as well– but we’ll never fully believe that, because Armie is perfect for this role. There’s no doubt in our minds that he is, and if it is scheduling that’s getting in the way– in the words of Tim Gunn “make it work.” That’s all we ask, just try to make it work.

Here in the Hunger Games fan community, we do our best to fight for what’s right. Now that you’re one of us, we need you to try to fight, as well.

If you’ve made it to the end of this letter, you deserve a prize! Thank you for reading nonetheless, this letter will be up on Victor’sVillage.com where you can view comments from Hunger Games fans from all over the world regarding Armie Hammer in the role of Finnick Odair.

Best of luck,

Them There Eyes and JediShywalker

There you have it folks, our last ditch effort, comment away, please! Oh, just for kicks, we’re leaving you all with what I’m going to dub as the Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair theme song!




  1. This letter encompasses everything I feel about Armie Hammer being Finnick and more! Thanks so much for being our voice in something we all feel so passionate about!

    Francis, please hear our plea, Armie IS Finnick, if you believe this too, please fight for it to become a reality!

  2. Armie seriously needs to be Finnick!
    And this letter just perfectly voices every fan-girls though!
    p.s. I really hope Lawrence reads the letter!

  3. This letter is perfect in a million ways. FRANCIS IF YOU ARE READING THIS- FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for Armie. We NEED him. He is so talented at acting, looks the part, and has the perfect personality that we need in a Finnick. You can make it happen! Armie Hammer would make Catching Fire incredible. I want to see him in a net. I want to see him talk about sugarcubes. I want to see his witty banter with Jennifer. I want to see him risk his life for others. I want to see him cry from Annie’s screams in the arena.

    1. Oh my goodness, Miranda has just mirrored my thoughts.
      Honestly though how can you not want to see Armie as Finnick? I’m am absolutely sure–and will never change my mind– that Armie is the one! Armie IS Finnick and that’s a fact! He’s so charming, and captures Finnick’s persona so well it strikes home.
      Just imagine the witty comebacks he and Jennifer could have in the movie– glorious! And I’m sure you’d see us on Tumblr fangirling about 2 seconds of a teaser trailer like we did last year. And one day, I really hope that I log onto Tumblr and check my Tumblr-crushes and then find chaos and Armie Hammer over my dashboard and I’ll know:

  4. I’m actually having trouble imagining someone else in the role. Normally, I just go with the flow, see how an actor works the role and creates the character on screen…but for some reason this is very important to me. Cannot begin to fathom why, I just know that Armie needs to play Finnick.

  5. Finnick’s role is so KEY to the success of future Hunger Games films! After hearing about Armie’s childhood near water, habit of tying knots, and great love with his wife, this convinced me that Armie Hammer has some inherent qualities that would provide depth to Finnick – a depth that Finnick deserves and needs! Please work it out!!!!

  6. I know Armie would portray Finnick perfectly. This letter sums up exactly why he should play him. Please take him into consideration when you cast the role

  7. I would list all the reasons why Armie is perfect for Finnick, but the lovely ladies here at VV have already done so in their open letters to Armie. He would nail it and that’s a fact.

  8. I really hope Francis Lawrence does everything he can to get Armie!
    This letter is perfect, just as Armie is perfect for the role.
    GAHHHH this neeeeds to happen!

  9. There really is only one choice for Finnick Odair and that’s Armie Hammer. He embodies Finnick and he has the acting ability to do justice to the role. I can’t even imagine anyone else.

  10. Could not have said it better! Armie Hammer is exactly how imagined Finnick from the start. He is the perfect Finnick, make it happen!

  11. I love the idea of Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair. I’ve even asked everyone to tell me which actor represents Finnick’s description more accurately, and most of them have said “Armie.”

  12. WOW! What a thoughtful and compelling letter! I genuinely cannot imagine anyone else for the role of Mr. Finnick Odair. Armie Hammer IS Finnick Odair! I don’t see how Francis Lawrence could read this (I so hope he does!) and not fight for Armie. This really is a great letter, if I wasn’t already convinced he’s the right man for the job, this would have done the trick!

  13. This is a well-written letter and I really hope Armie Hammer is considered for the role of Finnick; he is perfect for the role.

  14. I completely agree with you! Armie Hammer IS Finnick Odair. From the looks to knot tying, it’s Armie Hammer all the way. I really do hope that Francis Lawrence will fight for Armie4Finnick .
    Thank you Them There Eyes and JediShywalker for making this open letter to represent what all the Armie4Finnick fans want to say to Francis Lawrence.

  15. When I heard that Shylah and Rebekah were going to team up to write another open letter, this time to our CF director Mr. Lawrence, I instantly knew that it was going to be perfect. And literally, I am sitting her, baffled and feeling overwhelmed because, yet again, this open letter voices perfectly every thought I ever had any so many more beyond that. I couldn’t be more proud and happy that you two have taken the time to write down what every one supporter of #Armie4Finnick is thinking. It’s impeccable. And if I wasn’t an avid supporter of this fan casting already, I’d be damned if I didn’t jump on the train after having read this letter.

    As for Armie being cast as Finnick, what can I say? He IS Finnick. I have really tried to be open to other suggestions, especially with all the fan sites having featured “Finding Finnick Odair” I really tried to be objective, but I never came up with more than “okay, he may could portray Finnick” but none of the actors introduced there were ever good in all aspects. Not in the way Armie is. I still remember that I was only searching for graphics and photos of Finnick Odair when I came across a picture of Armie and the suggestion that he should play Finnick. Ever since that day, I have watched so many of his interviews and every one time, I am just blown away because he oozes Finnick on so many levels. Before I start writing an open letter on my own, this open letter above states every one of those aspects and I am simply going to end with: ARMIE IS FINNICK and in my mind, he forever will be.

  16. The letter is just perfect and I totally agree! I so hope Francis Lawrence gets to read this! Because like said before, it’s hard to imagine someone else as Finnick! Armie IS Finnick!! He just is! #Armie4Finnick

  17. Knot tying app, grew up on the ocean, wife has dark hair (like Annie), tall with bronze hair, amazing actor. Need we say more? He probably already knows how to throw a trident! 🙂 Armie!!!!

  18. Just an FYI that the letter has been sent off to Mr. Lawrence’s representation. We enclosed both the full text of the letter as well as a link to this post (so that he can see all of your wonderful comments).

    Keep your fingers crossed!

  19. Armie is tall, tan and talented. He would be a natural as the bronze victor of District 4 and add to the already outstanding cast. I hope this wholehearted appeal from Victor’s Village and outpouring from fans will push Francis and Armie to consider each other for Catching Fire sake!

  20. Armie is perfect for Finnick. He is almost the exact image I had for Finnick when reading the books. And the fact that he ties knots for fun is truly epic. I’m sure if Armie got the role, he and Francis Lawrence could figure a way around the scheduling problems. Armie Hammer for Finnick!

  21. If so many of you think Armie is the right choice, then i guess he should get the part.
    As for me, i really want just a good actor and if Armie is good then i have no problem.

  22. This is such a great letter! I honestly think Armie is the one and only actor to portray Finnick! Please Francis Lawerence, we are all relying on you to make our dreams come true, don’t disappoint!

  23. I don’t think that anyone would truly ever live up to my expectations for Finnick, but if there was one person who would have a chance to, it would be Armie. I’m sure that he would fit in the role amazingly well and I think that acting skills like his is what is needed above all else. Catching fire is my favorite book from the Hunger Games and I’m excited with the idea of seeing what a new directer can bring to the series. Thanks for giving our opinions a thought, Mr. Lawrence.

  24. I just got convinced all over again! I never let myself get invested in fancasts on principle, but Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair is the exception. I can’t imagine it any other way. 🙂

  25. What a creative letter! I couldn’t stop reading simply for the sheer entertainment of your words 😛 I’m certain Francis Lawrence will read the whole thing and take our beliefs into account now!

    ❤ Armie Hammer for Finnick!

  26. I completely agree unless there is some unknown/not as well known actor that we have yet to find out about that screams Finnick as much as Armie if not more just like Josh blew away everyone when he auditioned for Peeta then so be it, but if not Armie IS Finnick..

  27. If I had to talk to Armie, this is what I will tell him…

    People ask if Armie still needs a break-out role – personally, I don’t think he does. But what Hunger Games has to offer him is a legacy. Does Armie want to be known as the twins from the Facebook movie? Does he want to take the mantle of Batman all too soon and be compared to Christian Bale? The Lone Ranger — well its really more of Johnny Depp. While he definitely can act, the characters that they have given to him don’t really leave that much of a lasting impression.

    Finnick is a character that can give Armie a movie legacy. Apart from being part of something that is shaping up to be an extremely successful franchise, Finnick is an unforgettable character. Just like William Shatner is Captain Kirk or Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen (yes…this matters). People will remember, Armie for a certain character and so far there is none yet that fits him well.

    And Finnick is a great character with so much potential to be brought to the big screen. He is the embodiment of ‘a god amongst mortals’ but with so much character depth.

    Perhaps Armie, is afraid of being typecast into the good looking prince…sure that’s a valid reason but Finnick is more than just good looks!

    So Francsis Lawrence, let Armie know just how great of a role Finnick is if he accepts it!

  28. I completely agree with everything you just said. Armie Hammer as Finnick would be like the Josh Hutcherson of all the Peeta fancastings. Not only is he a talented actor, but he is pretty much, I think at least, a real life Finnick Odair. I mean, he ties knots… FOR FUN. How can so many people read stuff like that and be like “He would be a terrible Finnick.” Well, he most certainly wouldn’t be. He’s an amazing actor, charming, good looking, and so many qualities that would allow him to be the best Finnick this fandom would ever receive.

  29. Am I the only one here who still has doubts about Harmmie playing Finnick?, I don’t no, I never imagined Finnick like him, I prefere some other actors. But he’s great!, yeah, I’ve seen some films of his, but I don’t know. I have to see to believe O.o

    1. Sadly, I think you are. Try watching some of his interviews, this is how many people got on board with the idea of him. He’s a total package, and while he may have not played someone who is exactly like Finnick, personality traits of several of the characters he has played are very Finnick like. Like Morgan from Reaper, even the Twins from Social Network, aspects of Prince Alcott, and then there’s the sweetness that’s displayed in his role in Blackout, as well as his SAG nominated performance in J. Edgar.

      Watch this please: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgDbfLs9fp8

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