Finding Finnick Odair – Trevor Donovan

It’s time for another round of Finding Finnick Odair! The fansites come together this week to discuss Trevor Donovan, who is most popularly known for this role on 90210.

Victor’s Village
Rebekah: This is going to sound weird, but if you cut off his head he could possibly be considered exceptionally good looking by the likes of me. Yeah, that was weird, but bear with me for a sec. Trevor Donovan has a physique that most men and women either want to have or want to have in their bed. However, when I look past Mr. Donovan’s shoulders all I see is my Malibu Ken doll. I don’t know if Lionsgate, or Suzanne Collins envisioned Finnick Odair to look like a molded plastic toy best known for running around town with the top down catchin’ some rays and waves, but I sure didn’t. I envisioned an Adonis, someone that would make me look at them and just well… cry, because they’re so damn beautiful. I can’t solely base Mr. Donovan’s talent however on his appearance, even though I find it to be completely unappealing– I did make the effort and watched a handful of clips of his work on youtube, as well as a couple of episodes of 90210. I searched out the most dramatic episode I could think of. So, I found the episode in which he came out, thinking “This should show a range of emotions. This should make me feel something.” It didn’t. I felt hollow watching this young man, who I have to add is 33 years-old in real life (and looks it to me), come out to his ex-girlfriend. I don’t see it guys, I just don’t— and I know he wishes I did, because he’s really been trying to advocate for himself for this part. I’m waiting for someone to shove a suggestion under my nose who’s not currently loved loved loved by Perez Hilton as well.

Down with the Capitol
Since I know absolutely nothing about Trevor Donovan I will make my judging based on two things. He is extremely good looking with a “Finnicky” type of look and he is a fan of the Hunger Games which is always a plus. With that said, I do not know what his acting is like so I will keep an open mind if he ever does get cast at Finnick.

HG Fireside Chat
Savanna: I’m sure Trevor is a sweet guy, but he looks way too much like a Ken doll most of the time for me to take him seriously. I also haven’t been too impressed by his work on 90210 (granted, he doesn’t have a lot to work with on that show). I know he wants the part and has a pretty big following, but out of all the actors we’ve featured in Finding Finnick Odair, he’s definitely one of my least favorites. I wish I liked him more, because he seems super well-rounded and intelligent, and I do love the Hunger Games song that he wrote:

HG Girl on Fire
Sheila: All I know about Trevor Donovan is what I’ve seen of him on 90210. While he certainly is handsome and has the physique that I would imagine is very Finnick-like, he also seems a bit to handsome and put together, and for me is not really what I envisioned for Finnick. While I enjoyed his character on 90201, I’m also not sure that he has the experience or skill to pull off such a complex character as Finnick Odair. However I’m keeping an open mind and willing to give Trevor the benefit of the doubt.

HG Movie Site
We all know that no one wants to have this role more then Trevor. He doesn’t hold back on twitter about it, and we kinda admire the fact that he goes for the gusto. Nothing wrong with a man that knows exactly what he wants. It’s hot. Here’s the thing Trevor, we would be sold on you, but you don’t tell us why you want it, just that you do. Granted you owe us no explanation. But, because you are so passionate about it, we want to know why. I mean the only thing we have seen you in is 90210, and though we are all for Teddy having a baby with Silver, it doesn’t sell us that you can play Finnick. BUT, out of all the people that have come across the Finding Finnick list, you make it into our top 5, cause your passion for the books have sold us more then anything else.

The Hob
Megan and Amanda: When we posted previously about Trevor calling Finnick his “dream role,” reader comments were nearly all supportive, and we have to agree. Based on his appearance (face, body, height), Trevor is spot on. We’ve met him in person a few times, and he has a sweet demeanor and an absolutely magnetic smile that is perfect for the charismatic Finnick. He is, however, another actor whose acting ability we can’t comment on because we haven’t seen him on 90210. But if the rumors are true that Trevor is being considered for the role, then we have to believe Lionsgate sees talent there. So with that talent, his attractiveness, and his passion for The Hunger Games, Trevor is certainly a great candidate for our Finnick.

Crystal: The only thing I’ve seen Trevor Donovan in is a single episode of CSI in which he played a bit part of some muscle man dressed as a Spartan. It’s really not much to go on acting wise, so I really can’t comment there. He did look great in the costume, so that would favor him having the right physique for Finnick. He’s got the right look, but there aren’t very many pictures of him smiling so it’s tough to judge a person’s charm when he has that “model” look on his face all the time.



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