The eagle has spoken

Our little movie that could hit a milestone over the weekend. The Hunger Games has officially grossed $400,000,000 at the US box office, ranking it #14 on the All Time Domestic Grosses chart.

Let’s put that into perspective, shall we?

THG has grossed more in the US than ALL 8 of the Harry Potter movies and the three Lord of the Rings movies. In fact, it is the number one highest grossing of all novel adaptations (still talking domestically), since all the other movies above THG on the list are either original works or based on comic books, toys or theme park rides. This. is. HUGE. If numbers don’t lie, then one could argue that The Hunger Games is the most widely accepted book-to-movie adaptation for us ‘mericans. Before anyone jumps down our throats, we’re not necessarily arguing it. But numbers mean a lot, especially to those guys in big swivelly chairs that make the Hollywood decisions around a gigantic table made of gold*.

AHH we can still see The Hunger Games in theaters!

One thing that kind of threw us for a loop was that we weren’t even fully aware that The Hunger Games was still in theaters, let alone making enough for us to still be reaching significant box office milestones. Now we know what movie we’re taking our dads to for Father’s Day! All this Catching Fire talk was making us forget that our movie is out there, playing in theaters in June. And not those $4 theaters where movies go after their runs but just before they go to DVD. Good old regular theaters.

So congrats, Hunger Games! Frankly, we here at Victor’s Village don’t get tired of the franchise hitting milestones.

Speaking of milestones… stay tuned

*We’re guessing.



  1. We’ve gone to see it several times and it’s still in the good theaters here in New Orleans. Mazel tov, THG! So now I’m really curious what the opinion here at Victor’s Village is about the rumors of Philip Seymour Hoffman being offered the role of Plutarch.

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