The End of the World!

Me, on an hourly basis.

It’s really not the end of the world, mind you, I just really felt like using the most dramatic title I could think of. So, there we have it, “The End of the World!” seems like REM should be playing in the background, and the only words people know are the chorus and “Leonard Bernstein!” Okay, anyway, the last eight days have not been fun, and yes I should just come out and say that this article will be about Finnick casting, because is there anything else happening right now except learning that Lionsgate made a butt load of money this fiscal year, and all because of The Hunger Games, or the mad wins at the MTV Awards? No, not really!

Ugh, do you ever have those days where you’re just like, “man, I don’t want to fight these White Walkers, and Wildlings anymore, also that ginger chick needs to stop eying me. All I want is to be a man, and have my family accept me, and damn it… WHO IS MY MOTHER?! Seriously, that ginger chick needs to stop that… it’s distracting!” Oh, sorry, wrong thought process, that would be Jon Snow’s thought processes (Game of Thrones). I’m having a dilemma here guys, I know I’m supposed to be lapping up all this Finnick news, and just be super happy that something is happening with the casting process of this character, but I’m not happy, because all I get are these conflicting reports, and then it’s just dodging and fielding inane inquiries for a couple of hours, or days until a new article surfaces, and people pounce on that one like crows on a carcass. Yes, keep that visual in your minds, because it’s so true you don’t even know it yet.

I was around for the casting frenzy of The Hunger Games last year, granted I was just a regular ole’ fan at the time, and I had no outlet like a blog, and was only barely touching my toes into the fandom. This casting process, the Finnick casting process, somehow feels much much more contentious to me though. Perhaps it’s because Finnick isn’t a child, which means he will be, I’m 99% sure, portrayed by someone over the age of 23, so the range of people in the running feels wider, yet it really doesn’t. There are only so many actors in their mid twenties who can pull off a character like Finnick without coming off as corny, soapy, or pandering, and can also pull off the emotional depth that Finnick displays. The thing with Finnick is, he’s only over the top where it comes to his flirting style, the emotional side of him is extremely subtle, and that subtlety cannot be found in just any Joe CW, or Joe Disney. There are also only so many actors who actually fit the description physically of what can only be described as an Adonis, and so far I’ve seen very little Adonis being shoved under my nose. You all know who my favorite is, and I love that his name keeps popping up in reports, I love even more that he hasn’t commented at all on said reports. However, even though it’s only eight days in to the public knowing this casting process is happening, I’m emotionally drained and exhausted already. I’m also extremely disappointed with the latest unsubstantiated report of a supposed top eight, that actually only names five people (way to go guys), and I’m disappointed because I can only describe everyone named within the last few days as, Beefy Mcbeefyfootballer, Ken, Peeta Almost, and Teenage Werewolf. I can say with no qualms that I know they can do better, a millions times better actually, because the already existing cast is better than that lot, with their Oscar nominations, and their being in Oscar nominated films, and just being mainstays in Hollywood, and highly respected in their fields. I also feel like screaming out like Charlotte York, “I’ve been dating since I was 15, where is he already!?” But I know I only feel that way, because I’ve been neck deep in Finnick fan-casting for over six months. Ugh, I need a drink. And, before anyone comments about Nina Jacobson’s MTV red-carpet comments, read them more carefully, she didn’t say not in the running, she said not on the non-existent short list, these Hollywood types are crafty with their words, y’know?


I never thought I’d say this but, could they just let Garrett Hedlund and Armie Hammer have a flirt off, and then an emotional breakdown off to see who wins?

Them There Eyes



  1. “could they just let Garrett Hedlund and Armie Hammer have a flirt off, and then an emotional breakdown off to see who wins?”

    I LOVE it. I would so pay money to see that.

    1. I know this needs to happen ASAP, and I volunteer as well… I consider it taking one for the team, god knows which team though.

  2. I too feel the Finnick fury! I mean.. Can we at least get a plausible, consistent rumor that doesn’t make me lose faith in humanity? That’s all I really need!

    Though an actual casting announcement would do too, but I doubt we’re getting that any time soon… They’re going to make this painful!

    1. Yeah, this process is making me lose faith in humanity left and right. None of the so-called new names that are surfacing are making me happy at all. Where are the men who can make an entire room melt because they’re so beautiful. NONE of them enstill that feeling in me except Armie, and maybe in a certain light, Garrett. Also, the acting pedigrees of these guys, there is none. Till has at least worked with McAvoy and Fassbender, as well as Kidman and Wasikowksa, but Teen Wolf, Blue Mountian State, and Mr. 90210– what the hell is going on!?

      1. I couldn’t agree more with the above statements. It especially pisses me off whenever I see articles linking anyone from Twilight (I’m looking at you Pattinson) with the Hunger Games. Mainly because in my mind Armie is the only man beautiful enough to play Finnick. Garrett is acceptable, although he would really need to stay clean shaven. He looks like a hobo when he has scruff.

  3. @Megan – yeah, I wouldn’t tolerate scruff on Finnick. If they can make Garrett look like this for the role, I’m good:

  4. The problem is, there is no “real life Finnick.” There are people who have the look, but probably not the acting chops. Then there are amazing actors who aren’t what we each pictured when we read the books. I truly hope that Nina and Co. are doing what she claims and ignoring all the fancasting in order to find the best actor to portray everyone’s favorite character. They could cast Seth Rogen as Finnick and I wouldn’t care as long as he got the emotions right.

    BAHHHH! Casting angst!

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