The List

If you were with the fandom during The Hunger Games casting, you’ll know it’s prime rumor season. Rumors are flying in and out from every which way, and we’ve discussed and put to bed a few recently.

And no, this is not another Finnick rumor post. We’re going to go a step further and laugh about the “cast list” rumor. Somewhere along the line, it was said that soon we will be getting a big ole list of who will be playing whom in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And when we heard about this rumor, we were filled by sheer disbelief that this rumor was out there.

We know it was a whole year ago, but remember casting for The Hunger Games and how those announcements were handled? It was pretty much the exact opposite of a cast list, with Tributes being announced in pairs like the Reaping and   L      O       N       G   drawn out waits between the announcements of larger roles. We were on pins and needles with anticipation for a good couple of months.

And you better believe Lionsgate would want to do that again. We couldn’t remember the last time casting for a movie had so much hype surrounding it, where just the announcements of the actors became quite the spectacles themselves. The excitement over casting was a good early barometer for Lionsgate to have measured the hype, they would certainly want to do it again – though that kind of hype measurement isn’t exactly as necessary since the franchise is much, MUCH more in the public eye now, but we’re sure it’d still be nice to have.



This isn’t a high school play where they put up the cast list on the door of the gym. This is a MAJOR HOLLYWOOD MOVIE. Also, Lionsgate would be incredibly stupid to just show their hand in one go with a full-on cast list. All that hype wasted because they made all their announcements in one fell swoop.

So anyone hoping for a cast list, either some time soon or, you know, ever, we’re sorry to say that’s not going to happen. If it did, it would be the result of an extreme diversion from Lionsgate’s established strategy when it comes to handling the franchise.

Francis Lawrence is making a list, making his pick, gonna tell us who’s Beetee and Finnick (OR NOT)



  1. Don’t remind me! Last year we were absolutely buzzing, and as soon as we started to get a little less excited another person’s name would be announced and we’d be back on our toes. Clever and sneaky…and hey, for anyone that believes the major roles in Catching Fire like Finnick or Johanna or even Thread will be announced soon, they better think again…I mean, how long were we waiting for Josh and Jen? Love the write up though. Humorous as usual…but what else can you expect from Twiffidy?

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