MTV Movie Awards 2012: The Year of the YA Trio of Trios

Sunday is the MTV Movie Awards, and The Hunger Games is up for 8 of them. It’s a little complicated because this is the only year that the three big young adult franchises, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight, will be included as nominees at the same time. All three are even in 2 categories together: Best Movie and Best Kiss (opposite ends of the credibility spectrum, am I right?). And The Hunger Games is the newbie so it’ll have a lot to prove, Harry Potter is done so it’s the last chance for awards, and Twilight is notorious for winning everything so it’d want to stand its ground.

It’s a trying time for fans of more than one of those because we must decide where our loyalties lie. As of right now, Katniss and Harry are the obvious frontrunners for Best Hero, and neither’s heroism can be shrugged off. So for some, it’s a bit of a philosophical/ethical nightmare. Voting Best Movie makes us weigh which was a better adaptation and which stood well alone as a movie, voting Best Kiss is basically making us choose our OTP, which for some of us is pretty serious.


What does MTV stand for nowadays?

Whatever the outcome, let’s all keep it in perspective. It’s not the bloody Oscars. It’s MTV, and the winners are the result of online voting, the process for which can and is known to be abused. We’ve been gotten good by this before, and even though it’s a tad more than a Magical Internet Pony, please remember: it’s not a big deal if The Hunger Games doesn’t win them all. In fact, as was said before, it’s probably best if they don’t (maybe 2 or 3?). So let’s be a good fandom, and celebrate the fact that YA is ruling this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

Let’s Twitter Party it up, and watch anxiously to see who wins. Let’s not end up like these girls. And it’s ok to be happy if Harry Potter wins Best Cast. You’re not betraying your fandom. We’ll be all right.

This is the same channel that airs The Pauly D Project



  1. Good thing the only franchises I’ve been a part of is HG! I’ve been tweeting like a madman lately.

  2. I’m also a fan of hp so i dont mind if harry wins best hero and best movie. I do hope jennifer wins the best performance- female award. Effie also deserves the best transformation award.

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