We Demand Better Hunger Games Fancasts!

We have a request. A small one, perhaps an impossible one, but a request all the same…

Can we please stop fancasting actors that SUCK?

Okay, maybe “suck” is too harsh a word. Maybe just “actors who haven’t proven themselves remotely capable of the emotional range required for this franchise” is more appropriate.

Dianna Agron Glee Johanna Mason

She’s a Television Teen, alright

We know it’s a little much to expect of people, but we hope that the fandom can work together to come through this devastating addiction to lousy acting.

Let’s explain to you the list of usual suspects we’re talking about. We’ll refer to them in this post as Television Teens: actors who have spent the majority of their careers on Disney, CW, ABC Family, or similar stations that have not yet had a truly promising role outside those venues. The type of shows on those channels aren’t meant to calibrate a young person’s acting skills. They’re mainly fluffy entertainment, heavy on the sex and romance and “scandal”, and not very heavy on quality acting experience. We’re not saying that those actors cannot and will not ever be successful elsewhere. There are plenty of actors who have moved passed their silly teen drama roots. We’re just saying that we need these actors to prove themselves somewhere else before they come a-steppin’ on this series hometurf.

This post mainly came about after ClevverTV– who is more like that girl you know who spreads rumors for attention than an actual news source– claimed that Dianna Agron of Glee is up for the role of Johanna Mason:

Let me preface this by saying that I watch Glee (though after this season, I give up). The only other thing we’ve seen Dianna in is I am Number Four. Based on those two performances alone, we cannot see Dianna pulling off a role like Johanna Mason.

Part of that is not Dianna’s fault. In both cases, the scripts aren’t very good. But she could have influenced the performance in other ways. For instance, in three seasons of Glee (SPOILERS!) her character starts as this delicious queen bee Regina George-esque character, gets pregnant, is abandoned by her family, has a baby, gives the baby up for adoption, learns to love again after mistrusting every man in her life, tries to steal the baby back from its adopted mother, turns into a crazy tattooed rebel, almost dies in a car crash, learns to walk again after being temporarily paralyzed in said car crash, and all while singing.

At some point in those turn of events, we probably should have felt our souls crushed under the weight of her character’s hardships, right? But we didn’t, because Dianna acts out every dramatic scene the exact. same. way: Very pretty crying and slow, whisper-y speeches. The exception to this is The Bohemian Rhapsody/Birth Scene (if you’ve never watched Glee, this is probably the weirdest but also possibly the best sequence the show has ever done) and if Dianna acted with THAT sort of passion, we probably wouldn’t be worried. The fact is that she hasn’t, therefore we require her, and other actors like her, to go out and prove themselves before they take on such a popular, demanding role.

So why is it that the fandom is so keen to fancast actors like this? Maybe we have hope that someday they’ll be great, but what if we’re wrong? Do we really want them in Catching Fire or Mockingjay, playing a role that it turns out they can’t pull off?

Think of Zac Efron, for another example. He’s an ex-Disney star who everyone loves for Finnick. And yet he hasn’t acted in a single nationally released movie actually worth our spending money. And before you say The Lucky One, note that it is one of the worst rated films of the year. Maybe he can do more than cookie cutter romances, but until we see that, our vote is hell no.

So much like a too-a-little-too-drunk girl being hit on by a total sleaze in a seedy bar, fans need to come to their senses and raise their expectations for themselves.

Or Pray For An Unknown As Talented As Jennifer Lawrence was in Winter’s Bone,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. When I saw this rumor surface, I automatically wanted chocolate, yep– just to quell the evil thoughts in my head. Agron has got to be the most flat, poorly nuanced, and emotionless actress I’ve seen in a very long time. Which means… she’s boring as fuck, and she rests on her looks to get by, much like Quinn.

    I can tell you why majority of this fandom’s ardent fan-casts suck. Because, unfortunately the most vocal, and active members of the fandom fall into the demographic that watch Glee, Disney, the CW, MTV, and ABC Family, and probably nothing else. Yep, teenagers are doing the fan-casting of suck, and thus they are making more world suck, and ruining things for those who actually have a background the allows for them to pick and choose actors and actresses of more substance that dearMs. Agron, or dear Mr. Efron.

    Take comfort in my fan-casts, I never pick from the CW/Disney/MTV/ABC Family lot– EVER.

  2. I have seen “Glee” without being especially a fan, and have not been impressed by Dianna Agron’s acting. However, I think it’s a bit unfair to blame the actress herself for this.

    Given the audience and purpose of the show, the people that act in it are constrained to portray their characters in a certain way. There appears to be a narrow range of expressions, tones and mannerisms that are permitted, and stepping outside of these appears to be frowned on by the director. I really am not intending to put “Gleeks” down here, but the fact is it’s a TV show means that it has to have a certain image and “feel” in order to attract sponsors and avoid cancellation. Stepping too far outside the norm might well be fatal to the Glee franchise – and to Agron’s career, should she get the reputation of not being able to fit in with a director’s vision. .

    As a professional (albeit young), Agron quite naturally plays to the house-style, as instructed. This does not necessarily mean, however, that she does not have the ability to step outside that mold and produce a performance of real substance and interest, if the challenge was there.

    If she is invited to read for the role of Joanna – and, of course, if she accepts – she will, quite rightly, be judged on her audition, rather than on past performances. Which is as it should be. Me, I’m reserving judgement. I recall the horror of many people when Jennifer Lawrence was selected to play Katniss – many of us thought Gary Ross had had a brainstorm, me included. Why pick a tall, round-faced blue-eyed blond to play a skinny, sullen, dark-skinned, dark-haired District 12 girl? Well, Gary Ross was right, and I (and many other fans) were wrong. Which might explain why he’s a top-rated director and we are just fans!

    And you have to admit, at least Agron looks the part!

    1. While I would agree that the show has a definite tone, I don’t think that all the acting is the same or limited. Otherwise we wouldn’t see clear standouts among the cast, like Le Michele or Chris Colfer. Despite the show’s tone, it’s obvious that some actors are better than others. There are some seriously strong, heartwrenching scenes. I seriously doubt they’re stopping anyone from acting too honestly. They WANT honest despite the not-so-realistic situations. It has to do with natural skill and honestly, Dianna doesn’t display much.

      I don’t think Dianna looks the part at all, but even if she did, the look isn’t important. The audition does matter, but so does reputation. Does Lionsgate really want an actress who is known for weakly underperforming in the past? We hope not!

  3. The main problem is that 95% of people who do fancasts only watch the big movies and can only name the big named actors. I refuse to do a fancast at all because I do not remember actors names at all so that limits me to only people I can remember and that is a very limited selection. I would guess that most other people fall into my problem but they go ahead and fancast anyways.

    The only people who can really selectively are people who love movies and have a knowledge and are willing to RESEARCH for who can play what part based on previous performances. Thats the hard part.

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