Jackie Emerson and the Fandom ‘Phobes

It’s prom season, ladies and gents! Most of us are already looking back on our prom, either fondly or not so fondly. But for some lucky folks, the joy and allure of prom is still a new thing. Jackie Emerson is one of those people.

Jackie went to her prom on Friday and she was so excited, she very graciously shared that experience with us via Twitter. Included in that experience was a funny, charming “awkward prom photo” with a friend.

Jackie Emerson Awkward Prom Photo The Hunger Games Foxface

Jackie and her equally adorable friend

The immediate response? People calling Jackie gay.

The meltdown starts in 3… 2.. 1!

Really? REALLY?! Is this what we’ve come to as a society? A celebrity mocks prom pictures with a friend of the same gender and her “fans” turn around and either infer that she is a lesbian or flat out tell her that she is one? Can we not accept that some people just like to hug each other?!

Because Jackie has proven herself to be one of the sweetest people on Earth, she very quietly addressed the situation on her Tumblr by saying that she “was not offended by this in the least” and finds it interesting that people feel the need to label two girls hugging as something more.

Even if she were a lesbian, which she says she’s not as of this point in her life (bless her!), should Jackie need to label all of her pictures explaining whether the person she’s hugging is a platonic friend or not? No! Frankly, it’s none of our damn business who she hugs.

It kills me that Jackie Emerson, who did nothing but share one of the pivotal moments her life with fans, got homophobic backlash while my friends and I do things like this without a single peep from the peanut gallery:


No, this is NOT from an actual strip club (and I’m the one in blue).

Maybe it’s the penis tiara my friend wore that’s keeping the ‘phobes at bay. ANYWAY…

Jackie is right: People who aren’t taught to be tolerant of others from a young age feel this need to label others the second something starts to look or feel different from the norm. She handled the whole situation so amazingly well. The 17-year-old version of me would not have tried to explain the intricacies of platonic love and the world’s sociological tendencies toward affection between people of the same sex. I would have called you a bigot and told you to go to hell. Even these days, we feel a little indignant on Jackie’s behalf, even though she clearly doesn’t need defending.

So let’s fight the hate by giving the whole world ALL THE HUGS, no matter what the other person’s gender, race, or sexuality. Because hugs solve pretty much everything… besides political issues.

New Goal in Life: Leg Hitch Photo with Jackie Emerson,
The Girl With The Pearl




    Just kidding. That is just ridiculous. I’m glad that Jackie Emerson was able to handle it in such a mature fashion. She truly is amazing. And even if she was a lesbian that would be totally rude and inappropriate to lash out at her like that. People are people. The hate needs to stop.

  2. I was so, so upset with this whole issue I just shut it out for fear of backlashing on some of these fans myself.
    Guess this entire episode told us once again how sweet Jackie is. 🙂

    PS. Adam is right. You guys are really super nice. 😛

    1. It’s very difficult not to respond to people who display that level of ignorance, but responding with outrage isn’t considered the politically correct thing to do. Good thing we don’t care much about being PC here!

      Also, I’m going to have to go down to NYC and beat up Adam before he destroys our sassy reputation :p

  3. Friends, more than friends, who cares? She’s a cutie and they look cute together! And I LOVE everything about her response!

  4. well that’s dumb. just cause she’s hugging a friend doesn’t mean she’s gay or whatever. jeez, don’t be so judgemental man. but it’s good that she handled the situation well and she shouldn’t be bothered by it cause it’s not true. yay Jackie your fans loaf you

  5. They obviously don’t have any close girlfriends. Sheesh, I’ve even kissed my friend on the cheek! (and believe me I’m the straightest person you’ll ever meet) People are just looking for stories.

    1. Even if Jackie were gay (our favorite part of her response is where she basically says she reserves the right to be gay, though she’s not at the moment), we don’t think that’s a big deal at all. And the fact that others think it would be absolutely baffles us. Much like you, we think affection between people, no matter what the feeling behind it, is a great thing.

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