Dead In The Water

Why do I have the inexplicable urge to do the Told Ya’ So Dance/ Song Thing? Oh yeah, it’s because I’ve said it multiple times that rumors involving Mr. Robert Pattinson and The Hunger Games franchise are complete and utter fiction, and that you should probably just toss spit-balls at it rather than believe their so-called validity for half a nano second. I also have the urge to go “bitch, please…” and then roll my eyes all dramatic and completely worthy of hate, but you’ll never see that expression, ’cause I currently suck at doing vlogs. Seriously, I really do, everything tends to go wrong, it’s just not pretty– at all.

All right so, this week apparently Mr. Pattinson whilst attending Cannes in promotion for Cosmopolis, got wind of the rumors of him being “courted” for the role of Finnick

Robert Pattinson at Cannes, 2012

Odair, and he took it upon himself to investigate. Smart move, huh? I think so. The man called his agent, and his agent flat-out told him, according to USA Today, that in no uncertain terms that the likelihood of him being approached for the role is pretty much 0%. I unabashedly love this response, because even his agent knows that he’s wrong for the role, and also has the gumption to tell his client that in so many words. Honesty is the best policy right, and honestly, Pattinson will never ever be part of The Hunger Games family. As we’re on the honesty train here, I have to say that  I sort of harbor the desire that USA Today didn’t say the rumor that started 1. a Twitter Hash-tag denouncing fans desire for Pattinson to portray Finnick, and 2. at least two petitions against him playing Finnick, was– and I quote “…so good, that they even get the movie stars involved believing.” Really? I think I would have used the word bad instead of good, personally. Anyway, Can we now please go back to thinking on possible candidates for the role who aren’t currently known for playing vampires, pixies, faeries, werewolves, over privileged teens, glee club members, witches, warlocks, aliens, people who have fought aliens while we’re at it, or lastly are only known for portraying total assholes?

Glad That’s over, right?

Them There Eyes



  1. I couldn’t believe anyone (and that includes all the media outlets that spread the story) would think that he was actually a viable candidate for the role, let alone the “top choice”. Not even how much he doesn’t fit the role or how much the fans are against it, he’s already been in Harry Potter AND Twilight, I seriously doubted they’d have him be in The Hunger Games as well, especially with so many actors they could choose from. I’m so happy it’s over, I’m sick of seeing all those articles in my Google Alerts.

    1. I’ve never been more annoyed by my google alerts than I have been these last two weeks. The mainstream media, the bloggers, the entertainment news sites DO NOT LISTEN TO LOGIC. Nor do they do any research apparently. The last two weeks has been a testament to bad journalism all around, am I right, or am I right?

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