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I don’t want to talk about Robert Pattinson anymore, I really fucking don’t, but some asshat over at some site I’ve never heard of has started the rumor up again that he’s a “strong contender for Finnick Odair.” If there was ever a headdesk moment, this would be one of them, it’s just aggravating that it keeps happening over, and over, and over, and over again, and also that I continuously have to address it. I’m just going to say it, it would be stupid of Robert Pattinson to do another major franchise after having just wrapped on one. Look, I’m one of those few people who give him the benefit of the doubt where it comes to his somewhat questionable choices where it comes to past projects, but so far outside of The Twilight Saga he’s made good, bold, and interesting choices. He’s not an unintelligent guy, but doing another franchise in succession with another would ruin his reputation, and he’d be hard pressed getting offers to do one-of, and not YA based projects. The fact is, Pattinson is cultivating a career that is not going to be geared towards the demographic that the media keeps perpetuating The Hunger Games is geared towards, this is evidenced by him taking on decidedly adult roles in Remember Me, Bel Ami, Water For Elephants, Cosmopolis, and now Mission: Blacklist. The man is cutting the cord, and I say fucking let him. Oh, also it’s already been stated that Twilight cast members are banned from being part of The Hunger Games.

I don’t know why people keep grasping at the idea of him taking part in Catching Fire, butthe information is there, the words have been said, the scheduling will not work, and frankly those who keep saying he’s a “fan-favorite”, are lying through their teeth. He’s not a “fan favorite”, he’s more likely to be listed under “least favorite”. Frankly, it’s boring to imagine Pattison as Odair, it’s pat even, it’s also cheap, and it would just end up further affirming for non-fans, or layman’s that The Hunger Games is another version of Twilight, which it’s clearly not. Also, if Lionsgate knows anything, which they obviously do– mixing the casts of these two franchises would be a detriment to their own reputations where it comes to artistic and creative integrity. Seriously, if anyone’s going to start a rumor that anyone specific is going to be cast as Finnick, couldn’t people pick someone a bit more original, like pretty much anyone else. We should just start our own rumor, heard it here first– Carol Burnett is going to play Alma Coin!

In the words of Pattison him self, “We step into the era of The Hunger Games, the world wants fresh meat!” You don’t have to squint to see that the man has no interest in taking part in this project. So, Please, for the love of all that is not sparkly and drinks deer blood to survive, let this rumor take its last breath.

Them There Eyes



  1. Nice. I was actually getting worried this might be true, so thanks for the reassurance. Pattinson rumors MUST DIE.

    1. Just keep reminding your self of all this wonderful logic when ever you see a Twi-cast member being mentioned alongside THG. Make it your mantra.

  2. Carol Burnett??? Holy cow ooze, I’ve got to tweet! (jk) As for me, I think the f-bombs were entirely justified. I agree with other comments: bless this, this, this and amen.

    1. Nothing better than justified swears, right? Confession: I actually like the idea of Burnett as Coin, she’s an extremely gifted actress, and it would be great if younger audiences were exposed to her again. 🙂

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