The Gold Standard

Have you heard the news?

The companion soundtrack to The Hunger Games film, Songs from District 12 and Beyond, is now certified Gold!

Now, we never did a formal review for this album (we’re not really a formal kind of place, you know — we like bow ties though), but we are incredibly proud of this achievement.

This isn’t exactly the golden days of soundtrack buying. It’s much more difficult for an album to get certified Gold than it was 15+ years ago, before this magical thing that connects you and us together called the Internet made it easier to not pay for music. And that’s just for regular albums, not soundtracks. Also not for a soundtrack that isn’t for a movie that’s a musical or musician biopic.

Songs from District 12 and Beyond has in a way reinvigorated the idea of a soundtrack. The album boasts a diverse group of musicians, whose genres range from pop to indie to country to hip hop and everything in between. And instead of choosing music to appeal to the film’s target audience, the music was written specifically with the events and feel of the movie in mind.

Rarely do we get a soundtrack that is truly a companion to the film, with one song (Daughter’s Lament by The Carolina Chocolate Drops) directly referencing Katniss’s father’s death and how it affected her and all around being practically a prologue to the movie. And another song (Lover Is Childlike by The Low Anthem) even goes so far as to foreshadow the next installment with obvious references to the sea and Finnick and Annie’s relationship.

So kudos! It’s great to see a project like this be so successful. For all we know, the soundtrack could not have been as well received as it was, with it heavily featuring music styles that aren’t exactly popular with that darn target demo. Sure, Taylor Swift may have been a safe bet, but the songs by The Secret Sisters and The Carolina Chocolate Drops aren’t exactly poppy.

Congrats to T-Bone Burnett, Greg Wells, Lionsgate and the artists featured on the album!



  1. Embarrassing confession time! I probably would have reviewed the soundtrack, but I only bought it a week and a half ago.. *hangs head in shame* I apparently looked at the CD price at first because the mp3 version cost a lot less than I thought lol! IT’S SO GOOD, THOUGH!

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