Finding Finnick Odair – Justin Timberlake

This week’s Finding Finnick is sure to generate lots of discussion as we take a look at the suggestion of Justin Timberlake for Finnick Odair. Best known for his music career, Justin in the last few years has branched out into the acting world and can be seen in movies such as The Social Network, In Time, and Friends with Benefits. So without further ado, let’s kick off this week’s Finding Finnick discussion by finding out what your favorite fansites think!

Victor’s Village
Kait: Out of all the possible Finnicks we’ve discussed, Justin Timberlake has a unique problem: He’s Justin Freaking Timberlake. His face, his career, and his acting style are so recognizable that there’s absolutely no way he could seamlessly transform in Finnick Odair, the complex District 4 victor. Even if his acting were perfect (which we don’t think would be the case for Finnick, though his acting has been solid elsewhere), he would be Justin Timberlake playing Finnick Odair and no one would truly believe in it. Though Timberlake is only 31, he looks a lot older than that and doesn’t pull off the Finnick look in our opinion. Also, pulling his sugar-coated pop star power on board would probably ruin the film’s reputation for hiring stars for their acting skills rather than their name.

Justin Timberlake Finnick Odair

Justin Timberlake

HG Fireside Chat
Savanna: I have to start out by saying that I freakin’ love JT (and trust me, I only use “freakin'” if I really mean it). He’s both boyishly adorable and “manishly” sexy at the same time, and — as everyone knows — he’s a ridiculously talented singer. But did you know that he’s also a ridiculously talented actor? He was brilliant as Sean Parker in The Social Network, and his performance in Alpha Dog — the first time I saw him act in anything — blew me away. All that being said, I don’t really like the idea of him as Finnick. He’s handsome, yes, but not the right kind of handsome. And with one big name musician already in a major role, casting Timberlake may come off as just too gimmicky.

Adam: Long before the likes of Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer, and Hunter Parrish circulated as fan favorites, I was pushing Justin Timberlake. The singer-turned-actor has proven to be just as deft at the latter as the former, putting forth stirring performances in Alpha Dog and The Social Network. He’s so much more than a boy-band pretty boy, and among all the candidates, he’s truly the “coolest” and most recognizable face. If they can make him look taller, he can mix Finnick’s looks with small-town charm, and attract new fans in the process.

HG Girl on Fire
Sheila: When I first saw Justin Timberlake come up on our list of Finnick’s, I thought this can’t be right? While I’ll admit I love Justin Timberlake for his his immense musical talent and charming personality, I have never really been blown away by any of the movies I have seen him him. I’m not sure that he embodies the characteristics I look for in Finnick, and is just not at all how I imagined Finnick coming to life on screen.

HG Movie Site
While I think that you are a great actor, and that your best is yet to come… I am not seeing this. I mean, first of all, I love Bye, Bye, Bye. It’s great. But, I just think that you aren’t Finnick to me. I think that Finnick needs to be younger, and you my friend, are getting up there in age. And really, I am sure that you are going to concentrate on your wedding. I think that you have big things ahead of you, but being in the Hunger Games fandom is not one. So I mean really, though I love you as an actor, I am giving you space. Keep doing you JT, cause you rock.

The Hob
Amanda: Justin Timberlake…where to start?! When we mentioned last week that this week’s Finding Finnick would discuss Justin Timberlake, nearly every reader comment was against the idea and confused why his name was even being thrown into the mix. And I couldn’t agree more. From the second I heard Justin and Finnick in the same sentence, I’ve wondered what the heck is going on. I personally can’t see an ounce of Finnick in Justin. Not his face, his hair, his body, his voice, his age….nothing. And I’ll admit to loving him when he was a member of ‘NSync, but I’ve never been that impressed with Justin’s acting ability. The idea of Justin playing Finnick in Catching Fire doesn’t work for me at all, and his pop star image only trivializes the role to something unworthy of the Finnick in the books.

Crystal: I was never an NSync fan, so I really never got all the hype over Justin Timberlake. Then last year I saw In Time and although the movie left a lot to be desired, he was still pretty good in it and I suddenly understood why so many other women were attracted to him. It just took me like 15 years to understand. He was surprisingly good in The Social Network. That being said, I don’t think he has quite enough of what he needs to be the perfect Finnick. He’s handsome, but not Finnick handsome; he’s a good actor, but he’s also a very well known face and therefore carries a lot of background into the role. The only thing I think he has fully going for him is the fact that I think he could pull off the Finnick ego with swagger and charm in a very entertaining way. Overall though, I think there are better Finnicks out there.

That’s all for Justin Timberlake! Do you think JT should be considered for Finnick?

Be sure to join us again next week when we discuss Zac Efron!



  1. I definitely prefer Timberlake’s ‘In Time’ co-star, Alex Pettyfer, for Finnick. Despite the reviews and critics, I really enjoyed ‘I Am Number Four’ and ‘Beastly’. If anything killed those movies, it was the lead female characters, not Pettyfer. šŸ™‚

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