The Forger Fluke

Josh Hutcherson is having a bad month. First, there was some not-so-fun surgery for his nose (turns out he had a deviated septum!) Then there was the news that The Forger, which formerly went by the much better title of Carmel-by-the-Sea, was pronounced Straight-to-DVD.

Carmel by the Sea The Forger Josh Hutcherson

The original ‘Carmel’ one-sheet…

Even the best of actors has a fluke film every now and again. His fluke comes right on the heels of The Hunger Games, though The Forger was filmed long before. Josh plays the main character, also named Joshua, who is abandoned by his mother and soon finds himself living with faltering artist Everly (Alfred Molina). Of course, Everly funds his art by selling forged paintings and it’s not long until he’s got Joshua knee deep in his fraudulent art scams.

Sounds interesting, right? That’s what we thought too! It’s not just Josh! The rest of the cast sounds fabulous too! There’s Alfred Molina and Lauren Bacall and Billy Boyd and Tricia Helfer. We’ll even let Hayden Panettiere slide! When we first heard about the movie about a year ago, it was accompanied by an intriguing, charming trailer with the promise that the film was COMING SOON.

The Forger Josh Hutcherson Hayden Panettiere

…juxtaposed by The Forger DVD cover.

But the film didn’t come. Instead, we only got the new, sexied-up-for-the-wrong-audience trailer with a voiceover that was shown at the American Film Market as filmmakers tried to find distributors for the movie. The trailer tried to catch the eye of teens who.. lyke.. totes luv Josh!!1! The problem is that the movie’s plot and general themes are probably geared toward the 30+ crowd.

Then this month, the official notice on the film’s status came: Straight to DVD, aka “Dead in the water”. It’s not Josh’s fault, of course. He’s not responsible for the marketing campaign presented to distributors, nor did he create the concept for the film. In fact, this could still be a decent film.

The Forger is out on DVD on July 3. If we can find a decent way to watch a ripped or pirated version of the film, we may just give it a shot!

Not all movies with major distribution are good, either…
The Girl With The Pearl



    1. We originally said it later on in the post, simply stating that there was some “news” about it in the first paragraph. I changed that up so it’s a little easier to understand. Sorry for the confusion!

  1. I think you´re exaggerating a bit much. That movie was filmed 3 years ago, and production stopped suddenly before it could be finished due to financial reasons. they finished it last year using body doubles and whatnot because the actors had aged out of the characters or were is the reason why this movie won´t be in theaters, so i wouldn´t call it a fluke, simply because plenty of movies go straight to dvd or are shelved forever, and every actor has their fair share of them. i am not going to comment about the nose, because my sister had the same procedure done, and she now breaths so much better, so it´s all good for Josh

    1. You seem to think we’re calling the movie a failure, which we’re not at all. We think the money looks really interesting and we’re simply saying that we’re surprised about what happened with it.

      The situation regarding the film WAS a fluke for the reasons you just mentioned: The film ran out of money mid-production and had to be scraped together in the end. That is actually is not all that common at all. The media typically points out films like this with stop-and-go productions because they’re such rare instances. There are tons of people in Hollywood with Straight-to-DVD movies, but usually those movies don’t have a veteran, all-star cast either. Not to mention the really bad marketing!

      And we’re def not criticizing about the deviated septum surgery, either. We know people who have undergone it too.

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