Searching for Plutarch

Well, I think I found him, Plutarch I mean– just look to the right, he’s right there, losing his nose, ancient, eyes kind of creepy actually, oh– and kind of dead. Oh, wait, I need to search for Plutarch Heavensbee! My bad! See the thing is Plutarch the historian, biographer, scholar, and oh yeah– priest type person, was a real person. Plutarch Heavensbee though, yeah– he’s not real, which means he’s entirely open to interpretation, and aren’t we glad about that?! For a really long time I’ve sat on my “interpretations” of Mr. Heavensbee, and as casting is about to start for real, well– I just have to share them with you all, because as of yet I have heard absolutely no buzz on who would want the part, who others want to play the part, or even if the character will still be part of the story to begin with. True, he’s a vital character in the grand scheme of things, but Hollywood sometimes scraps characters, or combines them with others to better fit time constraints, the flow of a story, or for reasons I do not know. All that being said, I’ve compiled a list of people who I think would be wonderful in the role. Starting with the only name I’ve ever heard people say they envisioned when they read Catching Fire.

Starting with none other than– Cogsworth. I’m serious, people, Cogswoth is the only name I’ve ever seen in connection to Plutarch Heavensbee, and I really can’t blame them. I mean, Plutarch does have a thing for clocks, hence the arena design, and watches, and Cogsworth is– well, a clock. So, it only seems logical that one would envision Plutarch to be an actual clock, granted a cartoon one, but just think about how much of a breath of fresh air it would be if Disney somehow got on board and let Lionsgate use the beloved visage and voice of Cogsworth in Catching Fire. The film could be like Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the new millennium. It. Would. Be. Fantastic. It would also be a lot of work, but it would be fantastic none the less. Let’s cross our fingers, toes, and eyes for this one, guys!

Next on the list is a personal favorite of mine, because I am a child of the 80s, and I just love him. General Akbar! I know he’s from the Star Wars Universe, and he’s pretty much a giant bi-pedal cat-fish, but he’s so dynamic, and his huge eyes would really draw in cat lovers, and not to mention all those Star Wars aficionados. Die-hard Star Wars fans are notorious for their obsessive natures, also their penchant for buying merchandise connected to their favorite franchise. I think it’s also safe to assume that the Star Wars film franchise was one of the first to invent how we now see all major films merchadised today, they have bikinis for god sake, and flashlights, I bet they have cookie cutters too. Anyway, I believe that General Akbar would be an awesome Plutarch Heavensbee, plus I think that Josh Hutcherson is probably a closet Star Wars fan, y’know, like most teenage boys are, and he’d be over the moon to work with an icon like Akbar.

Speaking of icons, my next idea is just as much of an icon as Mr. Fish-Face-Head-Thing, but probably more so considering he basically shaped the suspense thriller into what we know it to be today. I’m talking about the late and great Mr. Alfred Hitchcock! True, I know he’s dead and everything, but since when has that ever stopped Hollywood. Seriously, have you seen those commercials where they use people like Marylin Monroe, or the time that Fred Astaire advertised a vacuum cleaner more than 20 years after he’d kicked the bucket! Technology knows no bounds, and Hitchcock can be brought back from the dead, and back into multiplexes all over the world! It simply mustn’t be discounted! Just look at that face! He’s adorable, and who cares that he’s English, they can dub him over and make him sound North American. An icon is an icon, and Alfred Hitchcock would bring in so much revenue. And never fear Hitchcock fans, having him appear in a major blockbuster film like Catching Fire is slated to be, would totally bring about a resurgence in the popularity of his films, people will finally know the beauty, and the wonder of his film Marnie! I’m getting tingles just thinking about it right now as I type.

I’m not done yet, nope– not even close! Sam The Snowman, he’s a Christmas time mainstay that even I was regaled with as a little girl who just happens to be Jewish, and frankly he kind of freaked me out– which Plutarch needs to do a little bit anyway. Think on it, Katniss needs to be slightly wary of Plutarch, I think a giant clay-mation-sort-of-creepy-could-possibly-melt-all-over-her-and-die snowman would do the trick– also I don’t think he’s been working much lately, thus I think he’s very available. Lionsgate, if they’re willing to consider Cogsworth, they should also be willing to take on a clay-mation snowman in a role like Plutarch. All in the name of art of course, wonderful, silly, magical art.

Last but not least, The Newsreader from HBO’s Rome. Many of you may have never seen Rome, but just know– this guy knows EVERYTHING. he is The Newsreader is he not? This means, he gets the news before everyone else, just like Plutarch Heavensbee. And hey, he’s fictional, just like Plutarch! It’s Kismet! He may have actually known the original Plutarch too, or perhaps a relative.

Well, there you have it folks, my picks for Plutarch Heavensbee, be sure to click, here, here, here, and here for even more giggles, or just a healthy does of reality.

Them There Eyes



  1. Actually, your link for Richard Schiff actually made me do a double take. I LOVE Richard Schiff! I don’t know that he’d be right for it, but he’s been one of my favorite actors. I mean, he’s Toby from the West Wing!

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