Headlines Schmeadlines

As much as we love slapping silly titles on our posts, we’ve got a huge bone to pick with the media about their articles’ headlines. Could you please just stop with the terrible Hunger Games related ones? We’re not talking about stuff like “The Real Hunger Games: [insert tragic global injustice here]”, which is understandable. Go ahead and use The Hunger Games to bring awareness to social justice causes like fighting world hunger and poverty. That’s important, and we back that.

What I’m talking about is the frivolous use of it to make the writers seem cool and hip and current, but when juxtaposed with the message of The Hunger Games series seems at best tacky and at worst incredibly offensive.

Take this article on Elle.com:

It is utterly disgusting to use The Hunger Games to promote fad diets. While there are only two up, one of them is so ridiculous (Only use a fork for your last meal of the day!) you’d think the Capitol had invented it. While the Hunger Games don’t exist in the present day, the fundamentals of it, like using poverty and hunger as a means of control and oppression, is very real. What the media doesn’t seem to understand is that, while popular, The Hunger Games is very much a series that promotes social justice and has some very negative views regarding frivolity and vanity. So when things like this article happen, it is at the very least facepalm-inducing for anyone who has actually read and analyzed the books.

Remember, Katniss almost starved to death. Don’t use her story to promote silly and unhealthy ways of eating.

And this isn’t just a one-off instance. We track ‘Hunger Games’ on Google alerts, and we’ve rolled our eyes at a good number of headlines. But this one was just too terrible.

I could probably eat anything with a fork if it came down to it



  1. The contradiction is absolutely…like, I just can’t fathom why anyone would use a sensitive issue to promote something so utterly stupid and disgusting. I mean, this is an issue close to my heart. My mother was a size 6 a few years back. Then, she had heart surgery and afterwards she put on weight due to her not being able to exercise and inability to cook proper meals. She’s tried all these stupid, stupid diets and suffered because of them and they make me sick, yet here these people are promoting them with my favourite books. What sickens me more is that there is actual poverty out there – I have plenty of friends living on the breadline, I know mothers who have to decide whether to starve themselves or not pay their heating so they can keep their house and their kids. It’s not a ‘Game’ – I mean, obviously The Hunger Games IS a game where you hunger if you can’t find food, but in reality diets aren’t. You’re either doing your body damage or kidding yourself because people like this don’t think about what they’re posting.

    Thanks for the writeup on such a sensitive issue though and I agree with you guys completely. Laughing my butt off at the fork diet!

    And to prove those stupid diets don’t work, my mother’s lost 3 stone in 3 months through gentle exercise and proper eating. I’d say that’s a rebellion against the Capitol on her part…move over Katniss, we gotta new Mockingjay! 🙂

    1. Good for your mom! We’re obviously not against dieting, but these magazines aren’t out to promote healthy diet and exercise, just quick weight loss. Even if they were promoting healthy lifestyles, it has nothing to do with The Hunger Games! They just use the title as a pun to draw people in, which is sad.

      1. Oh yeah, I get that completely! I wasn’t peenalising you guys, just agreeing with the fact that using ‘the latest fad’ to promote something, no matter what it is, without looking at the meaning behind it is exactly what you said – sad. Good writeup as always!

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