Air Marshall Beetee

Today I came across an article on E! Online with the headline “Bridesmaids Star ‘Campaigning’ for Catching Fire Role”. I said “Oh my God” out loud without seeing who it was even referring to; I can’t think of a single person in that movie I wouldn’t love to see in Panem. Then I realized it was Ben Falcone, aka Air Marshall Jon, aka Melissa McCarthy’s husband.

From the article:

“I knew [Elizabeth Banks] had done this movie and then someone showed me a picture of her and it was so cool!” Falcone remembers. “I was like, I wanna be one of those.

“So I’ve been openly campaigning to be in it,” he continued. “I want to be one of those Capitol dwellers. I want my hair to be 8 feet tall and have purple skin.”

– Pause while I laugh at that image –

Aren’t they the cutest?

He’s great in the handful of TV show guest spots he’s had that I’ve seen him in, and the scene after the credits in Bridesmaids that he’s in is, well, memorable. Throw in the fact that I’ve loved Melissa McCarthy since the first season of Gilmore Girls – so by extension I love him – and it’s no surprise that I love the idea of giving him a role in Catching Fire.

Who could he play? you might ask.

He enjoys being yelled at by Elizabeth Banks

But in all honesty, Ben Falcone has just become my new favorite fancast for none other than District 3 victor Beetee! We’re good at fancasting over here at Victor’s Village (we’ve even fancast Beetee alreadytwice), but this has never occurred to me until now. Now that it has, I’m so on the bandwagon! Just put a pair of glasses on him, and he’d look perfect! Aside from matching Beetee’s description quite well (pale skin, dark hair, short stature, etc.), his voice can give off the slightly timid demeanor that Beetee seems to have in the books. Beetee might not be a particularly comedic role, but he doesn’t have to play a comedic role. And we’re not even sure what direction they could take Beetee’s character in the movies.

Fancasting aside, it’s nice to see other actors applauding The Hunger Games for its costuming and wanting to be a part of the franchise because of it.

But I have to say: Ben Falcone, we’d love to have you on board!

Beetee’s not an air marshall *wink*



    1. So… I’m guessing you’ve gone to Panem and met Beetee? Because the only description he has in the books is small, black hair and ashen skin.

      If you don’t like the idea, fine, but “they don’t look like X character” is a strange reason for someone who isn’t even corporeal, especially when he fits the three descriptive words given to us in the books.

  1. (weird comment system changed my name haha… must have something to do with my wordpress/gravatar account)

    Haha, nope. I meant, no we don’t have any extensive description at all. It’s more of how Beetee is in my head, I’m sorry, I should’ve stated that.

    It’s just, in my mind, Beetee was more like… geekish, being that he is a scientific and makes the technology, and comes from district 3 and all that. What he does, etc. And this guy just doesn’t seem geekish at all, nor what the book does say with beetee that he’s like in his own world, although that can be acted of course.

    I don’t have any exact actor in my head, and this is true for all the characters. I’ve never been able to do this 😛

    But, from the popular names that have appeared here and there, I think Michael Emerson fits more my version of Beetee in my head. Not that he looks like that exactly, it’s just it’s more similar to my version than Ben Falcone. Just my thoughts.

    Also, from what Ben Falcone has said, to have this 8 feet tall purple hair, I can interpret he’s looking forward to someone from the Capitol, and I just think he wants to be a regular citizen in the Capitol, not a big character. That’s just me, though.

    Anyways, just wanted to share my point. I guess my first comment was just… a bit underdeveloped haha. I enjoy your blog a lot, I come here everyday when Google Reader tells me there’s a cool post, and I almost always tend to agree with what’s stated in the articles, and this time I just thought something different and wanted to share it. I guess I could’ve expanded myself a little bit more and stated it was just my opinion.


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